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136 North Prospect Street
Granville, OH 43023
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June 23, 2017
My daughter has really enjoyed the teachers and the environment.
May 9, 2017
our 2 grandchildren have been going to Mathnasium for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed going. Most importantly they have improved their skills greatly. We are thankful for this opportunity.
April 21, 2017
Mathnasium has given our son more confidence in math
January 14, 2017
All of the tutors are kind and very helpful. They have actually helped our child enjoy doing his math homework, which has never existed before!
January 11, 2017
My son is a numbers kid. He loves learning and he is excited to come to mathnasium. He enjoys the challenges, he tells me how much he likes the attention of his instructors. He is working at a pace and level that he feels comfortable in. He is not pressured or criticized for his performance or his questions. This center fosters creative and encouraging growth in his love of learning and numbers. I am grateful for his being able to attend and I have and will continue to recommend this program.
January 10, 2017
Crystal Fulk
love everything about it
October 24, 2016
Cameron enjoyed working with different instructors and learned a lot . . Each instructor had their strengths and helped him understand the concepts.
July 24, 2016
Mona Overton
We feel Cameron is making progress c he comes 3 times a week for 1 1/2 hours.
July 22, 2016
A great place to take your child. You have a wonderful group of instructors.
July 17, 2016
My son's teacher noticed an improvement in his confidence and abilities in math after he started coming to Mathnasium.
June 20, 2016
Our son has really bonded with the instructors and is enjoying his time at the Mathnasium of Granville. If we are able to sharpen his skills, find a love of learning, as well as build confidence, we have found success!
April 10, 2016
We love it. Morgan is excited to go. He is learning every time he goes. The workers are wonderful and committed and caring. I am grateful for the program.
April 4, 2016
Holly Hunt
My kids love coming here. The teachers here are so amazing and patient with them.
March 29, 2016
Grandchildren are excited to go each time. They seem to enjoy being there and the older one says it helps her in her home school group math class.
February 22, 2016
Michelle Barcelona
My children love Mathnasium! The instructors are not only knowledgeable, they are friendly and make learning fun. My kids honestly look forward to going to Mathnasium.
January 15, 2016
Mathnasium has been great for my son. He is strengthening his math skills and confidence and says he loves going to Mathnasium!
December 3, 2015
Isabel feels Mathnasium is helping her to reach her SAT goals. She feels very comfortable with the tutors and seems motivated to continue strengthening her math skills.