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34121 N. Route 45, Suite 9
Grayslake, Midwest 60030
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We love the one on one attention that our daughter is getting through Mathnasium of Grayslake! her test scores at school have gone from F's and D's to mostly A's!! She was very reluctant at first to go, but now loves going to Mathnasium and her confidence is booming! The staff are great, very friendly and helpful, always smiling and greet us, and we feel very lucky to be a part of this center! The owner is amazing and truly cares about his students' progression! If we were to change one thing about this center - the only thing would be the cleanliness of the student bathroom! It is less than par, and NEEDS to be more sanitary (i.e. soap in the dispenser EVERY time, clean paper towels and/or a working hand dryer, and toilet paper on a roll dispenser!!) The bathroom is never clean, in my experience, and my daughter dreads using it! Please and Thank you!

I found very beneficial for my children learning Math in dedicated environment with individual tutor attention. Math practice administered with technique and organization as guided by Mathnasium considerably improved my children’s grasp in Math.

My daughter loves Math and looks forward to attending Mathnasium 3+ times a week. She has regained her confidence and enjoys mastering new math skills. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and very welcoming!

Within a month we have her confidence soar! Her math skills have improved greatly. She was actually helping her friends with homework last night and was proud of herself.

Mathnasium is great for students who want to master a skill set, are struggling in a specific area, or need confidence in math. My daughter went from despising math to loving math and looking forward to it. The staff at Grayslake is amazing, kind, and incredibly helpful! Highly recommend!!!

Great help! We take the summers off, but plan on picking back up in the fall/winter

My kids are very excited, I’m enjoying to see how they are getting comfortable with them self and math

Great service

The only negative thought I have is that at times it becomes loud and rather distracting for my student. Some of the students have conversations across the room with siblings or instructors. It is distracting to me as an adult just sitting there trying to read.

My daughter loves to go Mathnasium everyday, come what may !!

Awesome! Significant improvement in our children's confidence. Really enjoy the center! Would gladly recommend to anyone looking to improved/enhanced math skills.

Been here for about a year and a half and staff is great and very helpful

Loved it there! We moved and i wish they could have moved with us!

Thanks to great teachers! 100% mathnasium good for my daughter ! She have all A+ in school!!!

My daughter has really reaped the benefits of Anne's one-on-one instruction for high-level math. My daughter says that she knows everything, is extremely kind and always provides examples that are helpful.

Homework is not a daily fight anymore.y daughter love math even more after enrolled into Mathnesium. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, knows tips & tricks to get student understand a concept. When I pickup I get to learn the topics she completed that day. I love this institution.

Corey has gained confidence than before.

In 6 months my son Benjamin has gained confidence in math! He was also accepted to Challenge Math (1 year above grade level) after increasing his MAP score in math! Thank you mathnasium!

Great program even if a little intense in regards to recommended times of attendance per week.