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I am very pleased

Mathnasium is great! My child has been attending for 1 month now and he loves it. He really enjoys going there and in just this first month his grades in math have started to improve. The staff at mathnasium are very friendly and dedicated to helping their students understand math. I have noticed my child has a much better approach to math and his confidence in math is starting to improve. I would highly recommend mathnasium to any parent looking for extra help for their children in math.

My daughter has gotten the help she needed for Junior year. She is able to understand it more on a one on one basis than the large classroom.

My son's grades in Math have improved. My son started just 3 weeks ago and i am amazed how fast it has been showing up on his report card. My son feels more confident raising his hand in his class and asking questions.

My daughter loves going to Mathnasium! She told me that math is now her favorite class in school, and her teacher is very pleased woth her growing confidence in math. Thank you Mathnasium!

Mathnasium is still fairly new to my family, but I am pleased with the structure this center offers.

Kim is simply amazing from the first day, she was always willing to help my daughter! She is fully committed to help anyone.

perfect place to improve math skills!

My child really did well with their program. Picked up well, were there needed to be improvement to basics and then excelled. The school grades improved greatly and she was proud of her successes in math.

Love the friendly atmosphere, and my daughter is comfortable and confident...She loves to go...very flexible for our family..looking forward for summer hours.....

In the few short weeks my daughter has been attending we have seen improvement in her grades and her confidence.

Excellent place, very knowledgeable people, really helped both of my daughters out.

My daughter is very happy with the program. Staff at Harwood Heights Mathnasium takes their time and put extra effort to explain the math problem. We saw a great improvement with her Practice MAP test recently. Thank you Kim and your staff for the great experience!

Mathnasium's owner was wonderfully responsive to our child's needs for math support - even as those needs changed. An honestly refreshing experience that positively benefitted our child!

Carl hates Geometry! But, he always is willing to go to Mathnasium even before getting help at his school. He says that it is a nice, quiet environment and he feels comfortable with the staff. Usually when he comes home he feels much more confident about his ability to comprehend and apply his math skills.

Mathnasium gave our daughter the confidence boost she needed in math! The owner and instructors are responsive and the location is convenient.

My daughter enjoys going there everyday and never complains. They always help her with her homework, which I greatly appreciate. I feel that after only a month she is feeling more confident.

Chase lives attending! In six weeks, we've already seen an improvement in his math facts! He also has more confidence when he takes his math tests!

My daughter has been taking Algebra for almost a year at her high school and never understood or excelled in this subject until she started attending Mathnasium. In a just a few weeks, Mathnasium has taught her Algebra in a way that she not only understands the subject but also retains it ... and my daughter doesn't even need a calculator. She went from an "F" to an "A" in just a few weeks ... and I'm so extremely grateful to Mathnasium!! Clearly her high failed to teach and Mathnasium succeeded and excelled in teaching!! My daughter now helps her friends with homework!! My daughter and I are so fortunate to have found Mathnasium!! We are extremely happy!!

The hours are great to work with,for the student and parents.The staff is always well prepared for the student with their math questions and homework issues,etc.