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I think the tutors and Dakota are really nice

We love working with Dan and Yale!! They are wonderful with each of our kids and their learning abilities and personalities. We love the Mathnasium program and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wonderful Math program.

We love Mathnasium! Our son has always struggled with math. He is behind his peers at school. This additional weekly help at Mathnasium has increased his confidence and now he actually likes doing math! Thank you for all your continued support in helping my son succeed!

They are so great. It's helped my child fill in holes in his math education.

My son has made big improvements in math since joining Mathnasium. He has told me that his confidence has improved and he has a much better understand of the concepts that are taught in his 8th grade math class. Well worth the money. Neil

Our son ha struggled for years and since we have started taking him to Mathnasium he he made a complete 180. He is bringing home A’s! Best decision we ever could have made.

My son likes going to mathnasium for help.

Yale was great and very accommodating. He helped us get set up with my14 year old son and he had a very good experience. He was prepared to get back into the school year when the summer was over. Very happy with Mathnasium.

My daughter enjoys going and it has taken the stress out of homework.

Yale is the primary reason I would refer someone. He’s organized, engaged, and personally committed. The other tutors we’ve had have also been skilled, professional, and kind. With one exception, my kids feel the owner is intimidating and domineering during tutor sessions. Their ability to learn is impacted by his conduct. In my brief encounter I personally found him a bit abrasive and awkward. We would not recommend or continue to attend if the owner tutored our kids.

Our son is a junior. Math has always been a thorn in his side but he agreed to go to mathnasium because he realized he needed some help. The staff have been amazing at making him feel welcome and helping him have the hope that he can learn this stuff and master it! I can’t say thank you enough for what they have done and are doing. I only wish we would have had access to Mathnasium sooner.

My daughter went to Mathnasium last summer and was able to test out of resource for math. I give all credit to the time she spent learning at Mathnasium. To keep her on track we did Mathnasium again this summer. We love it!

The tutors and Yale help the students/parents feel very comfortable

Mathnasium is great! The tutors are excellent and I am very happy with the staff at the Highland facility. My son is excelling in his math studies. Tamara

My daughter Jannika has been attending mathnasium for about four months now, and has learned more then any other tutoring facility that I have experienced. Jannika truly enjoys going three days out of the week, and each day she attends mathnasium the more knowledge and understanding my daughter has with her math concepts. Thank you for all you do! Heather Leon

My son loves going to Mathnasium! He has more confidence and has a desire to succeed in school!

Fabulous supportive staff! Very helpful and kind! Best ever!!!

Alaya had a C average grade last year in her 7th grade math class. She did mathnasium almost every day this summer and this year her math grade is a 94% or A and I am so proud of her!! I think the “work at her own pace” and tutoring really helped her solidify some concepts she may have not understood well enough from school classes.

I think my daughter's confidence with math has increased a lot. She doesn't complain, in fact, she looks forward to going to Mathnasium. They make it fun to do hard things!

Absolutely wonderful place that cares about the kids