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November 13, 2016
Very professional and great teachers. My daughter who was hesitant at first loves going! The help is improving her understanding and confidence
November 7, 2016
Everyone in Hillsborough does a great job Alyssa looks forward to her sessions and benefits greatly
October 1, 2016
Instructor is very knowledgeable, patient and loving to the student.
September 16, 2016
Help the student to develop math skills instead of simple solve an exercise
September 1, 2016
Each program is custom tailored for each of my children, and we see the results in conversations almost daily.
August 21, 2016
Mathnasium attends to every individual needs
August 5, 2016
We have referred Samantha Billips and Julia Taylor already.
August 5, 2016
Sreedhar Patibandla
Mathnasium of Hillsborough is well organized and has experienced staff who get the best out of the child
July 15, 2016
Dont have much to say yet. My daughter has only been there a month.
July 12, 2016
Both of my children go to Mathnasium and both of them always want to stay longer then their appointment time! I am so happy we found Mathnasium and can't wait to see how it has helped the when they return to school in the fall. We will continue to send them here throughout the year!
June 15, 2016
Thomas enjoys going to his mathnasium appointments. Everyone is friendly. Its only been a month or so but I feel this will really change his math skills and how he feels about math for the better.
June 15, 2016
Clare George
Julia and Charles have a great understanding of how to help all different kinds of challenges my kids faced with mastering math. Applied with the mathnasium framework this resulted in sustainable success and knowledge building and an increase in my kids grades in algebra, but most importantly their attitude toward math from their 'weak' subject to their 'strength' - Great job, thanks!
June 15, 2016
Real people wanting kids to learn. Not concerned or focused on $, but the genuine interest in advanced fundamentals for learning children with regards to mathematics.
May 16, 2016
My daughter's confidence and evaulations in math have improved dramitically since she began going to Mathnasium as of this past January. It was a rocky start the first month, but we are happy that she continued with the program. The problems seemed to have been worked out and Charles and Julie were very responsive to my feedback. I would be happy to speak with any parent who has a child at Orchard Hill about my daughter's experience at Mathnasium Hillsborough. At this point, my one suggestion is to offer rewards that are not choking hazzards. Lollipops rather than hard candy would be a better option for younger children.
March 10, 2016
Joni Jefferson
The owners are very invested in the performance of the children and want everyone to succeed.
March 7, 2016
I have seen my daughter's confidence improve and her grades go up!
February 19, 2016
Maureen Stanton Leveque
We are so grateful for Mathnasium and Ms. Julia!! Ms. Julia has always gone above and beyond to help Neilan and it shows!! She is beyond patient and works to make sure Neilan always has a true understanding of the math concepts he's working on.
February 11, 2016
We have been a Mathnasium family for 3 years now and I can't say enough about how positive our experience has been. We have had one child enrolled for remedial help and another for math enrichment. The directors are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and flexible. They work with each child's challenges, strengths and abilities. Each of our children have greatly benefitted from going to Mathnasium and enjoy working with the instructors. Scheduling is very flexible and accommodating. This is not your typical, cookie-cutter tutoring center. It's a caring, learning environment that promotes an understanding of, and a true love of math!
February 11, 2016
William & Wendy Fittint
Just love the warm, supportive atmosphere and the great teaching team. We highly recommend Mathnasium of Hillsborough. Keep up the great work, Julia, Charles and staff! The Fitting family
February 8, 2016
My daughter loves mathnasium and is doing very well in math :)