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October 18, 2016
Susan Yaszay
Brianna loves coming here after school . Getting it done there is huge help for both of us. Thank you Susan
October 17, 2016
Laura Tusa
My children attended over the summer and I found your program very beneficial for them. It increased their basic skill knowledge and boosted their confidence in math. I would like to continue during the school year but I wish their was just a "weekend club" or a once a week program because it is difficult to make the 2 or 3 visits with all the other school activities.
September 16, 2016
Great incentives for the kids. My daughter loves going.
September 14, 2016
Friendly, engaging instructors who have the ability to make more accessible through 1:1 sessions and by approaching problems from multiple angles. The atmosphere is open and fun; my child enjoys going and has been able to greatly improve her foundational math skills.
September 6, 2016
My child loves to go there. The team is young and is encouraging her. She loves challenges and receiving prices. It motivates her!
September 1, 2016
Great staff and a very positive environment for the students
August 14, 2016
La Jolla branch Mathnasium is fantastic.. My daughter has gone from hating math to really enjoying it.. Clearly with the help of talented , patient , caring math tutors..
August 13, 2016
Christa Jones
Mathnasium of La Jolla makes learning math fun! The staff is friendly and focused on teaching math at every level. They pinpoint what areas need improvement and assign work to improve understanding in those areas. Our nine-year old daughter loves coming to her sessions even during the summer which is fantastic!
August 10, 2016
I think the center is excellent, well located, and the teachers are gifted with the subject of math and teaching it to children. Esp. with the new reqs on Common Core math. Teachers in public school recommend math tutoring, and Mathnasium is a great place for your children to sort out the concepts and build a solid foundation.
August 8, 2016
My daughter enjoyed going to mathnasium and we saw improvement in her ability and confidence, reflected in her school work and report card. Hannah was always a ray of sunshine and helped make it a pleasant experience.
August 2, 2016
They got my daughter from a C to an A and now she's taking an advanced course.
July 30, 2016
Karen Butler
Very friendly staff. Dependable and professional. Great way for my son to improve math skills
July 25, 2016
Anna Rodriguez
We had such a bad experience with math at my son's school, but Mathnasium has turned all of that around for the better. Thank you Mathnasium of La Jolla. Hannah and all her staff rock!!!
July 24, 2016
Easy to use - with the hour just from drop off vice some schedule, staff are super friendly and welcoming and my kids really enjoy going.
July 10, 2016
Paul Taccone
My boys are enjoying Mathnasium. They say: "It is a good Math experience so we don't get behind in Math" and "I like finishing my punch cards and getting prices and playing games, they make Math fun." Nico & Rocco Taccone
July 6, 2016
My daughter loves to come to Mathnasium, which really surprised me, because math isn't her favorite subject. The program seems very effective.
May 20, 2016
Nineke Koopman
The entire staff is fantastic. They truly care about helping my child strengthening her math ability. Hannah is so positive and really goes to the extra mile. Checking students grades at school, being communicative with the parents about everything. Just wonderful. Made us feel like a family member. Will totally recommend this facility.
May 14, 2016
My son loves coming and has made significant advancement
May 8, 2016
Hello! We greatly appreciated all the efforts of the wonderful tutors that dedicated their time to staying later than the original posted schedule. This has helped tremendously since Nate has so many after school activities- Thanks!!!!
May 7, 2016
Our daughter has been coming for a few months now and we have seen her math test scores improve in school. She actually enjoys coming to Mathnasium and enjoys math again.