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October 18, 2016
It is helping my daughter to better in her math class. She is able to sit down and do homework and when she gets stuck Thor doesn't understand they are very good at explaining and helping her understand.
October 10, 2016
Angela Greenhalgh
Great summer program as well as through the year. Wish we had more time to attend more than once weekly but still a nice refresher to keep our 6th grader up to par with math concepts.
September 24, 2016
They are doing a great job with getting my daughter caught up. I have also noticed how much more confident she is which is awesome.
August 30, 2016
Eve Shelton
Tutors are attentive to my son. They can report to me how he does each day, what he struggled with, and whether he was on task or distracted. He has gained confidence and made great progress in his first month.
August 12, 2016
Nancy Rountree
My daughter gained a great deal of confidence in school with her tutoring. Her teachers said that not only did her math improve, but her overall school attitude improved. Thanks!
August 8, 2016
Teresa Warwood
They make math fun, and make me feel smarter! Kade Warwood
August 4, 2016
Eddy Butz
My son went from failing his math class to getting an A within a of a couple of months. Before Mathnasium my son would not participate in class, now he helps other students who struggled. His confidence level went up. Thank you! Mathnasium.
July 22, 2016
My son enjoys his time there; our goal is to give him a stronger math foundation so he can fully enjoy the school year and no stress during the learning process.
July 15, 2016
It's been great so far! Hoping my son will feel more confident in math class once school starts.
July 14, 2016
we are new but so far things are going well. Everyone is helpful and Brianna says she is understanding concepts she did not before so we are excited.
July 11, 2016
My son loves your program and all your staff... I am so glad we chose your program!!!😃😃😃😃-
July 9, 2016
Our daughter just loves it... Great place and very friendly, knowledgeable teachers!!! Keep doing great job !!!
July 7, 2016
Angela Greenhalgh
It's fun! My 11 year old wants to go every day and enjoys the focused time with the instructors. She is building the skills and confidence to enter a new school and excel at Math. It is the best thing we did this summer and we hope to continue through the school year. Thank you Mathnasium!
July 7, 2016
Katie Schofield
My son was a but upset that he had to do school work over the summer but after his first session he said he had fun!!! I love the staff and the progress my son is making!!!
July 3, 2016
Jana Zacher
If it wasn't for Mathnasium Morgan wouldnt have graduated! Thank you!
June 12, 2016
Thank you for helping my son with his high school math homework, helping him with exactly what he needs. The expertise of your entire staff is amazing and greatly appreciated. I spent the last two years trying to learn the math myself so I could help him with his homework, since he didn't get the appropriate help at school. Honestly, it was a waste of time. Mathnasium has given me my life back and given my son EXACTLY what he needed. Your unlimited package is perfect for our busy schedules.
June 9, 2016
Greg Kirk
I have already recommended it to several of my coworkers Kathleen Kirk
May 28, 2016
Our daughter was really struggling in math. She worked hard but just didn't understand the concepts in the way the teacher explained them. Mathnesium has built her abilities and her confidence. She went from a D last term to a B this term. She is really happy about that (and so are we)!
May 20, 2016
I think mathnasium has been very helpful for my children! Thanks so much! My only suggestion would be to have longer hours M-TH. My high school kids are busy and it would be so helpful if you were open at least until 9pm. Please consider extending your hours starting in the fall!!!
May 12, 2016
We love Mathnasium. The instructors are amazing and friendly. My daughter has improved in every part of school.