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June 24, 2017
Great staff and I appreciated the flexible payment plans.
June 14, 2017
Abby has become more comfortable with learning new math concepts. Staff of various ages and backgrounds have been most helpful. Cooperation and flow of data between school and Mathnasium staff is a big +
May 22, 2017
The mentors and tutors at Mathnasium have been wonderful help to my children!
May 20, 2017
My daughter's confidence and some her math skills has improved since joining Mathnasium.
May 3, 2017
My granddaughter loves Mathnasium!
April 30, 2017
My daughters math average has gone from a 79 to a 96 in 4 months.
March 27, 2017
Tara Gilliland
Kelan has improved her attitude about doing math & loves going to the center! They have done a great job at pin pointing where her struggles are and how she can improve on them! Very pleased!
February 22, 2017
Gives Gage confidence in Math. He loves coming
February 7, 2017
My first grade student has improved his math grade each six weeks since coming to Mathnasium.
January 11, 2017
Making my child feel comfortable to ask questions and to continue to ask until she understands the problem.
January 9, 2017
You are helping my son and he doesn't mind going. He likes all of the instructors and that is a big deal for me. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly.
January 7, 2017
Mathnasium has given my granddaughter more confidence in her ability to evaluate problems. She is still working through catching up with areas of weekness, but we have confidence that she is learning more each week.
November 18, 2016
Shanda Krause
Our son has done wonderful with mathnasium, he now loves math and thinks it is easy. He wants to do math for fun and is excited, happy and ready to go during the week. He is doing better with his grade and in 4 weeks his report card went from a D to a C, and the papers he is bringing home are A's and B's. But his confidence in himself and his abilities is a night and day difference. So happy we decided to come to mathnasium, a lifesaver!
November 4, 2016
My child has enjoyed coming and I already see improvement
November 4, 2016
Mathnasium has been a life saver for us with our daughter. Thank you for all of the help that you give her whenever the need arises.
October 23, 2016
Our child looked forward to going to Mathnasium at every chance. The staff helped him advance steadily and as fast as he could absorb each concept. Awesome!
October 20, 2016
Last spring my son needed help with algebra. He had not passed a single test. Not only did he end up passing his algebra tests after amazing tutoring he also passed his math STAAR test that he was so worried about.
October 14, 2016
In 2016, I saw an improvement in my 5th grade daughter's math knowledge and skills. My daughter enjoyed the Mathnasium experience as well.
October 10, 2016
Laurie Wilson
We love Mathnasium! I was really dreading taking my son because he does get whiny if he doesn't like it, and I have to fight him. But he loves going, I'm still a little in shock but the teachers there are wonderful and he is learning so much. Plus he gets homework help and that really helps me out because I am not a math person. And the Friday night game night ya'll had he insisted on going and had a blast! Thank you for all that you do!
October 3, 2016
Misty Porter
My son is passing math for the first time in 3 years!