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July 15, 2017
My ten-year-old boy was very fearful of math just six short weeks ago. After his first day of tutoring, he asked us if he could stop a beloved after-school sport in the fall so that he could continue to go to Mathnasium throughout the year. He goes up to three hours per week over the summer and loves every session. I am so relieved that I won't ever hear "I'm just not good at math" again. The staff is welcoming, encouraging, enthusiastic, and best of all, fun. This is a real game-changer for us.
July 13, 2017
We love Mathnasium! The only thing I can think of to improve upon is how the stamps are doled out at the end of each session. My daughter was at the same table as a girl who received stamps for 2&1/2 cards in one session, and then she was only given 12. Of course that left her disappointed that day. I reminded her that the stamps are randomly assigned (she has never received just the amount of worksheets completed - always extra - which is nice), and some instructors tend to offer more than others. I also reminded her that the goal is to become better at math, not earn stamps. I did not check the box to share, because although we gave a nine, the feedback is not 100% positive, and I would not want a "negative" review to be shared. I just thought I could offer some honest feedback regarding our experience. I have been absolutely pleased with the progress being made thus far! :)
July 13, 2017
My son has only been going since June 12, 2017. However, he enjoys it and the way the structure his math lesson. He say's everyone nice and very smart with the math that is tought. The most importent is the owner scott, he is very plesent and the price is excellent and affordable. I apperciate the dedication in staff and plan to continue through the program as long as my son shows progress through his up coming school year. [NAME REMOVED]
July 13, 2017
We have been very pleased with Mathnasium. My children are happy to attend and are already making great progress!
July 13, 2017
Our daughter Danika has had a great experience at Mathnasion West this summer. Her confidence has grown and she enjoys coming for the sessions. I look forward to seeing how her math scores and grades improve once she's back in school.
July 13, 2017
Everyone at Mathnasium is great! My daughter (who used to hate math) looks forward to going to her sessions! Thank you!!
July 8, 2017
This is a wonderful school. The tutors are excellent, the hours very flexible and the approach very systematic. My daughter benefited greatly.
July 7, 2017
This is our 2nd summer and my kid still loves going! Scott and his team are fantastic!
July 6, 2017
We love how it has helped our kids - both of them and challenged them in the area of Math and using math language etc. Both of our kids have different math capacities and Mathnasium has met both of them where they are at and elevated their understanding of math - both problem solving and crunching numbers - and also helped their math confidence. We like the emotional availability of the staff and their willingness to connect on a personal level as well. Mathnasium isn't cheap but it's been worth every single penny that we've invested. Thank you Mathnasium.
July 2, 2017
My daughter looks forward to going to Mathnasium!
July 2, 2017
All the tutors are very bright, and and have a real passion to teach with understanding and patience. When a student gets stuck using a certain method they switch tactics, building confidence in the student that they can and will understandnd math. The tutors don't just give up on someone.
June 26, 2017
We've been very happy with our experience at Madison West Mathnasium.
June 22, 2017
Rebecca Suda
My child has improved a lot in two months. She needed some one-on-one attention, and it has really made the difference.
June 22, 2017
Kids love the young people they work with!
June 6, 2017
Melissa Ratskoff
My son has been enjoying visiting Mathnasium 2 times a week to learn. He asked me why Mathnasium is so much better at helping him learn math than his school math program. I told him that its because the Mathnasium lessons are explained in a better way and he agreed. He has much more confidence in his math abilities and says that math is now fun. Thank you Mathnasium!
June 3, 2017
We love Our Mathnasium center. Scott and all of the tutors are great. We fell it is also a great value.
May 30, 2017
Lynette Baker
My child was reluctant to begin tutoring. He felt unsupported in school Math after a certain point. Even when we took him to a different tutoring company before learning about Mathnasium, he felt overwhelmed and as if he wasn't grasping and maintaining the material. From the very first day at Mathnasium he has been confident he can and is gaiing the skills he needs. He enjoys the sessions and has a remarkable tutor who he feels is a perfect match for him. He always desires to come for sessions and his overall self image is improving! It is his goal to have a career that requires he excels in Math. He was questioning if he would be able to meet the challenges. He is a person who was highly motivated but needed to be taught using different methods. Finally he feels successful. I'm pleased and impressed, I was referred by a friend and I would most definitely refer others. Steve is also great to work with! We are extremely grateful! Thank you!
May 26, 2017
Katya Maes
Mathnasium help my kids feel more confident at school
May 26, 2017
Chris Ikonomidou
Very impressed with the systematic approach, the skills of the tutors, the enormous flexibility they offer, the kindness and professionalism of the leadership
May 16, 2017
Kathleen Vanhorn
With Mathnasium I have seen a tremendous improvement with my daughter's math skills. When we fist started in the summer of 2016 she was behind by two grades. Now she is almost up to her grade level. The tutors and Scott make the learning easy for her to understand, they all love math, so they are able to facilitate different ways to approach a math problem. They have helped her figure out different ways to solve some math equations at school and at home. At the end of each session I met with the tutor so they can explain how she did that day. I can say that they have even taught me and showed me different ways to help her at home. This is place has made such a difference in my daughter's and my life that I am not sure where she would be with her math skills if we had not visited Scott. Thank you for all you do for her and have done. This Team ROCKS !!!