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560 Stokes Road Unit 26
Medford, NJ 8055
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July 12, 2017
Owners and staff alike took time in listening to my concerns and providing my daughter with a program that gets results.
June 12, 2017
Lauren Hooven
The staff is absolutely amazing and my daughter has been excelling in math after bringing her to you. Thank you Mathnasium for all your help and support!
May 18, 2017
My kids love it at Mathnasium.
April 15, 2017
Lisa Martusus
Ana has greatly improved in school in math. I see it. Her t aches see it and Ana sees it. Her confidence is boosted and she doesn't hate math class at school anymore. She actually kinda likes it now.
March 13, 2017
The Owners and Instructors actually care, and we could not be happier with Mathnasium of Medford and the results! ~HB
March 2, 2017
Danielle Tirico
I just recommended Mathnasium of Medford to another parent yesterday!
March 1, 2017
My daughter is in high school and was struggling with Geometry. We took her to Mathnasium, and got a 6 month membership. Not only are they addressing the Geometry, but they gave her an assessment and have developed a plan to help her strengthen her skills in all area where she has gaps in her knowledge. We are seeing her Algebra grade go up as well. Our daughter typically attends 3 times a week, for an hour and a half each time. I noticed after the first week, instead of being ready to bolt out the door when I came to pick her up, she started to ask me to wait a few minutes because she wanted to finish what she was doing. She may be a little cranky when she goes in, but she comes out calm, peaceful, and in a great mood! (This is certainly not the reaction we expected after working on math for an additional 1.5 hours after school, and we're thrilled!) Aside from the great benefits in math, we are also noticing that her concentration has improved (probably from being used to these long study sessions), and she has started to spend many more hours studying for her other subjects in the evening, and seems to be perfectly content to be spending her time that way. The staff and managers are amazing, kind, patient, and treat our daughter with respect. They always seem to be glad to see her when she arrives, and she feels right at home. This is a family run business, and you can tell that they take pride in it, and actually love helping the students to reach their potential. I am so glad that we decided to go in this direction.
December 9, 2016
Gretchen Di Bella
My daughter attended Mathnasium to boost her SAT math score. The owners and the staff here are so friendly and really engaged my daughter. My daughter doesn't love Math and she was attending Mathnasium about 7 hours a week -- she never complained because she knew how beneficial it was. The staff here really know what they're doing.
December 5, 2016
Michelle Hammel
Great staff, wonderful family owned business... kids love it here, and most importantly, are now doing fabulous in Math! Thank you!!!
November 21, 2016
Ethan ended up getting a 1200 on his SAT. 550 in math. your help at the last minute was invaluable. Thank you for being there.
October 23, 2016
Amy loves Mathnasium more than school!
August 15, 2016
Denelle Agosto
Mathnasium of Medford is the BEST tutoring center in New Jersey! The staff is extremely professional, patient and knowledgeable of all things math and more. It is exciting to see my son transform from loathing to loving math!!! Thank you for all the work you are doing not only with my son but with all of the students at the center!!!
August 8, 2016
My daughter rory enjoys coming to mathnasium, I feel it is preparing her for a successful year ahead.
July 26, 2016
Kim Davidson
The team has done more for my daughter in a month than the school has done in 8 years!
May 13, 2016
Denelle Agosto
The instructors are amazing, the directors are amazing, they are all very well versed in math and have contributed to my sons increased knowledge and confidence with math. Thank you!!!
March 30, 2016
Roberta Ciancia
I find the staff/instructors of Mathnasium (Medford, NJ location) to be of the highest caliber to take on the responsibility of teaching/tutoring children, young or old. They are completely into it! My eight-year old grandson has been going here for several months and has benefited immensely. After a thorough assessment of areas we wanted to sharpen up and core needs, the instructors addressed each until they were satisfied, and my grandson was comfortable enough, to move on successfully. I have had past experience with other tutorial services (large chains - NOT a different Mathnasium) where instructors were more interested in chatting with the students or checking their phones then really ensuring their assigned student was working. It seemed more of after school/evening child care. There is nothing like this at the Medford Mathnasium. In my initial meeting with the staff, I didn’t hear an earful of promises which could never be fulfilled as with other places. Here I found a staff - and even the Mathnasium owner, actually caring about my grandson’s achievements. The instructors’ background are solid in the math field as is the co-owner’s – they are all math nerds – which only benefits my grandson and other students. Hope my comments help – I spent several months searching and visiting different services and have been grateful to have settled on the Medford Mathnasium.
February 26, 2016
Our daughter has been struggling in Math for the past two years. We have tried private tutoring in our home, Kumon, and online math programs. Nothing seemed to make as much of an impact as Mathnasium. Gianna has only been attending Mathnasium for a month, and she feels more confident than ever before. Her grades have improved and she is not stressed over Math. Even her teacher sees it! The owner and tutors are welcoming, positive and highly effective in providing support to Gianna.
December 9, 2015
Michelle Hammel
Our daughter loves being tutored, Math is finally fun, and makes sense to her! It has boosted her self esteem and we couldn't be happier!
December 2, 2015
My only suggestion is to offer an option of one time a week or two times a week for sessions. It's really difficult to fit two sessions per week in especially during the holidays.