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Moore, OK 73160
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October 6, 2016
You are doing great!
September 22, 2016
Devoted, friendly and helpful instructors.
September 5, 2016
Great. Help alot
June 23, 2016
Theresa Sifuentes
My son loves going and wants to continue attending. My only issue with the continuation of the class is the cost.
May 31, 2016
You would help my son with homework when he had it and when he didn't you would go back and work on the concepts he didn't understand. You gave him confidence that he could learn and get caught up to take the ACT exam. He made a 22 on the math part of the exam!!! Thank you for investing in my son's future!
May 5, 2016
Stephen Browne
My son was frustrated by Math at school and performing well below his grade level. Slowly but surely he is gaining confidence and improving his comprehension. I am going to keep him in Mathnasium and send his little sister too.
May 5, 2016
The teachers are nice.
April 20, 2016
My daughter was getting nervous on daily basis because she was not doing good in math. She is a good student but math had become a problem. She is much more confident now with the help she has through Mathnasium. As a parent I feel good that my child has the help that she needed. Thanks.
February 20, 2016
Her grade is going up and she believes attending is helping.
February 6, 2016
She has improved greatly in the last year and a half. Thank you
February 6, 2016
Melissa Rathbone
When my son started, he was barely hanging on to a C in math class. We started him at the beginning of the year, during a time when he didn't have any math classes, so we couldn't really see any changes, other than a few things here and there. He finally started his Geometry class after the winter break and he came home with a 96 & a 98% on his first two tests. He said that things are making sense to him now. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful program. It has totally changed the dynamics of homework and our home life. Thank you so much!
February 5, 2016
Vicki Dorrough
Our evenings at home continue to be pleasant and positive because Briona gets the math help she needs at Mathnasium. It's fun, she gets excited about earning points toward great prizes and she thinks the world of the instructors. Making new friends is just icing on the cake!
November 19, 2015
Lydia Ledbetter
The people at Mathnasium were wonderful. My grandson made great strides and gained confidence through his learning. Jesse is so caring and interested in the kids learning. His teachers were very patient to explain things in different ways to help him understand the math functions. I would recommend Mathnasium to anyone needing help in math. I cannot say enough good things.