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Along with the crucial math logic provided by you and your staff, our young student has gained so much confidence in himself that he views math as a challenge rather than an insurmountable task. He floundered for the year and a half of virtual learning thanks to the Covid pandemic. he Thank you and your staff for all that you have imparted to our young student.

My son has been attending Mathnasium now for 6 weeks and he looks forward to his sessions each week. I have noticed an increase in his confidence and he is proud to show off new skills. The Director, Matt and his team are incredibly attentive and friendly. Matt answered all of my initial questions, and continues to provide regular communication about my son's progress. When I received an update from one of the instructors, it was obvious that she was invested in her students. Additionally, Mathnasium provides fun activities and rewards for the children. So far, this has included a Pi Day competition, punch cards to earn rewards, and special opportunities to win gift cards when mastery checks are completed. I cannot say enough positive things about Mathnasium. I highly recommend for all math students- whether they may be struggling or just looking for that confidence boost- Mathnasium will benefit all!

Very professional and kind staff.

I think the program is wonderful. The director is amazing and passionate. The staff is also amazing. I think it is expensive but definitely cheaper than paying a tutor….and I look at it as an investment into my child. I still expect better grades in math from my child but I believe that is due to my child’s effort not mathnasium.

We love Mathnasium! It has been the best choice for our homeschooled daughter - she looks forward to being in center and working with the instructor. We get constant feedback and the instructors really care. We highly recommend Mathnasium of Mt. Airy!!

My son has been attending Mathnasium- Mt Airy since the start of October. We enrolled him to close some of the gaps that we saw after virtual learning. He has gone from a 60% when we enrolled him to a 91%. He is excited to go to the Mathnasium and I frequently find "Mathnasium rocks!" on his papers from school.

Highly recommend Mathnasium.

Our daughter looks forward to learning about math! She can’t wait to go. She wants to get on the leaders board which means she’s got an incentive to learn even more!

We are extremely happy with the tutoring help that our son has been acquiring for the last four months. We highly recommend mathanesum of Mt. Airy to any parent who feels their child struggles with math!

I feel Mathnasium is great at customizing the lesson plans according to each child’s individual skill level.

Mathnasium of Mt. Airy was such a HUGE blessing to my son who was a senior struggling in AP Calculus. They worked with him closely and helped prepare him not only for his current class but also for his future! 10 out of 10 for their team!

Kids are happy to learn and instructors are nice and Mr. Matt is always there to help.

Since enrolling our son at Mathnasium, we've seen a huge improvement in his abilities and confidence when it comes to math. He used to have anxiety about solving math problems and would often not try after feeling it was just too difficult, but Mathnasium has helped him gain the confidence he needs to take on the difficult math concepts and problems. No matter what level your child is on, I highly recommend trying out Mathnasium and you'll see improvement immediately because of the care and approach the instructors take to contribute to your child's success.

Very happy with Mathnasium. I love that they constantly update parents on student's progress and what is being taught and what the student is mastering and what they need additional help with. I highly recommend Mathnasium.

My grandkids are enjoying it and not resisting working on math this summer. This is progress. Hope they are learning this summer how to quickly all the combinations of numbers that add up to 20 or less. Even Alex at 11 had been using his fingers for such essential calculations that need to be quicker than that.

In a two month span my daughter improved her algebra grade from an F to a B.

My kids knowledge in math has increased, great staff

Our daughter has really enjoyed math and that’s only because of mathnasium and their individual teaching activities

Our daughter is gaining a lot more confidence with her math abilities. She enjoys going to Mathnasium which is such a WIN for us.

Very caring and accommodating- the program really seems to work!