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616 Long Point Rd, Unit 616-F
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464
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February 16, 2017
My children are learning so much and I'm thankful for the help!
February 6, 2017
Jennifer Mc Elveen
I love the flexibility. I wish you would stay open until 9 for high schoolers.
February 4, 2017
Courteous and professional staff always make my child feel welcome. He looks forward to his time with you. Thank you so much!
February 4, 2017
Great tutors!
February 1, 2017
My son likes working on Geometry at Mathnasium and likes the tutors. It is expensive, though.
January 29, 2017
my grandson has improved his math grade significantly and his confidence is much better
January 25, 2017
Liz Baker
Our son has improved his grades dramatically since he's started attending Mathnasium! He never complains when I suggest we go! We are very happy with the learning center!
January 12, 2017
The extra time spent on math has been great for my 8th grader. We would be lost without this extra help.
December 19, 2016
Having our child attend Mathnasium has boosted our child's confidence and changed her attitude about math. Not only does she ask to go during the week, but she likes math again and is excelling in her class.
December 8, 2016
Deborah Milling
Very helpful. I have already referrred several patients and children of friends.
December 3, 2016
Alice Bronk
We would really like it if you were open for more hours on Saturdays. We would really also like it if you open on Friday afternoons and on some hours for Sundays. It would really allow us to spend more money with you and spend more time using your tutoring services if you expanded your hours.
November 20, 2016
Kimberly Brown
Kyson is always eager to attend and is feeling more confident in learning new math skills at school. He never complains and is very proud of the work he completes while there.
November 14, 2016
Seeing progress is always assuring that that our money is well spent. Kids like to go, so this too is a reflection of progress and success. One take away, is seeing our children set goals for themselves, in school, like they do at Mathnasium.
November 13, 2016
My daughter has been finding it very helpful
November 8, 2016
My kids learned a lot.
November 8, 2016
The staff was great and so good for my son...very accommodating. We'll be back!!
November 7, 2016
Always a positive experience. Each time my son left mathnasium he told me it was "fun" and, occasionally, "awesome!".
November 2, 2016
Joyce Lawson
My daughter actually enjoys her Mathnasium hour. She looks forward to it! She's only been attending for about 1 month, but already there is improvement!
October 29, 2016
Inmar Geiger
My kids LOVE to come and grow their brains with math. The tutors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, my sons love the prizes! I love their higher grades! Win, win. The only thing that would make it better is location, I live downtown so is a hike.
October 29, 2016
Personally everyone I have met has had an amazingly great attitude..... Very welcoming!!!! I will always refer everyone I know... The tutoring & learning skills that our kids receive is outstanding.... Wandering how come we don't have English tutor business' Thanks [NAME REMOVED]