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701 Dante St #D
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 676-6284
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William looks forward to the teachers and the lessons. His math skills have improved greatly! The teachers are fantastic and professional.

Was great Great teachers Kids love it

Wonderful supportive environment that helps my son without handholding. Grateful that his learning holes were identified so they can be addressed.

The staff works well wirh children of all ages. They are professional. They do a great job communicating with the parents, acknowledging issues or concerns.

Mathnasium offers a great product but really it’s less about the product itself and more about who implements it. Hermann is an excellent motivator. He is kind and sincere and can inspire even the most challenged kids. He brought mathnasium to our neck of the woods just at the right time. I highly recommend.

I love that there at college kids involved in training the youth but also prefer when an adult oversee’s those in college. Special events like tie dye day and silly sock day add to the excitement. Keep them coming! I do wish the calendar would be up to date and that the Facebook page would post some pics of the kids (with parent waivers of course) from these events but totally get it is a work in progress too. Overall, I love the idea that I can take my child at various time but at the same time, wish that I could pay for a system similar to that of summer (14 sessions for such and such price). I feel kids are lacking in exercise so I can’t really justify month after month having her sit another 90 minutes for a session. That being said, we will likely need to stop. With an already hefty homework load, I need her to move more. Ideally, works best for us is a system where we pay a four time month/ Sunday at such and such time, fee (ie. Anywhere between 4-6). The work y’all are doing is amazing! If you ever decide to add various structures (types of memberships), we would love to know.

My daughter loves going!

Mathnasium has given my son a much better understanding of how to confidently deal with math challenges. My son is much more confident and prepared when he has a quiz or test. He now walks into his math class with a positive and focused outlook. Thank you to all of the Mathnasium instructors.

My son always fights me to go and spend time here, but he ALWAYS leaves happy and professes having really learned something. He has so much ground to cover, just to catch up with his grade level, but I really think Hermann and the tutors will deliver!

Wonderful experience. Thank you!

Herman great Program great

The academic plans are specific and the regular feedback helps me see the growth. The staff is welcoming and encouraging. Hermann really understands the kids and how to connect with them.

I think they are trying very hard to give a personalized touch to students

Camille is truly enjoying coming each time and would cry if we have something else to do for a day :)

My son absolutely loves Mathnasium. I have seen an increase in his confidence in math.