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3398 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704
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This Mathnasium program has helped my daughter have excellent grades from homework and exams. I am very grateful with all the support of the staff.

In just the month and a half that Selena has been at Mathnasium, I have seen improvement in her confidence, math grade and test scores. I am greatful to all the instructors at Mathnasium who have helped Selena, thus far.

I’m very pleased with the instructors & teachers there. They are on top of it!!!

As we all know, math is all about practice. We have tried different approaches to engage in math practices and upgrade the skills for our kids as they go upper grades every year, especially in summer. Nothing worked, but Mathnasium where my kids currently enrolled North Costa Mesa location and they like it. The good thing about Mathnasium, they help understanding the concept if your kids fall behind with school work.

I am so glad that this Mathnasium center opened up near my house. My son is struggling in math, and going into middle school next year, I knew he needed some tutoring to catch up. I went ahead and filled out an online inquiry and met with Mr. Jin at the math center for my sons assessment. I didn't hesitate to sign up, because Mr. Jin and his assistant were very thorough in explaining their tutoring method and process. My son enjoys going to his sessions and they do so much to motivate the students. I am confident that will son will succeed in math going forward. Signing Jerry up in this Mathnasium center is one of the best decisions I have made for my son. Thank you Mr. Jin and your math center staff for all your amazing and excellent help.