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Fresno, CA 93704
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Not just able to help with my kids assignments but also provide an organized and flexible lesson plan that meet my kids needs. Recommended in a heartbeat.

Abby actually enjoys going! Math has always been her nemesis but everyone there is so nice and patient. She doesn’t feel dumb if she has to ask questions and is becoming more confident. She asks to go! She actually ASKS to go do math for an hour!

There is hope yet for our homeschooled family, thanks to you. Both my girls look forward to learning with you.

My daughter is a really smart kid and she endorses them 100%. I appreciate the emailed updates on her progress. Everyone is always smiling and the atmosphere seems very professional yet friendly. Good job guys!

Thanks to Mathnasium, my son has been enjoying math. The tutors at Mathnasium or very helpful and very friendly. My son looks forward to going every time and tells me about his progress. Great math tutoring services and great location as well.

We saw an improvement with our son with 1month into going to Mathnasium. Confidence level grew and homework are done when we go to Mathnasium and he understand it. Great team with Peter and Kate.

I’m a special ed. teacher I have recommended your program for years during Student Success Team meetings for years. As a parent of a High School Junior I’m happy you are there for my daughter’s homework and SAT prep!

I like the fact that my child’s learning is individualized so that she can make progress at her own pace. Also, my child not only does well at solving math problems but also UNDERSTANDS the math concepts, which I think Kumon lacks (kids at Kumon can do well at tests but lack the understanding of mathematical meanings, which in my opinion is not a sustainable way of good learning and creative thinking). Great job!

My child is very behind in basic arithmetic despite being a teenager. She refused to do any math with parents, but she was very receptive to the tutors at Mathnasium and has done a lot of work catching up. In 15 sessions there is a marked improvement in her math skills to the point that she now has enough confidence to do some at home and even with parents. She still has catching up to do, but she's well on her way. I plan to return to Marhnasium again whenever she struggles, and every summer to keep her on track to catching up the last eight years.

They're helpful and patient.

We have been very pleased with employees and math support. Safe environment and professional and knowledgeable staff.

My daughter started this summer prior to starting her first grade year. She has loved the experience since day one. The environment is consistently positive and she looks forward to going. The instruction meets the student at the their current level and grows them from wherever they are. I Highly recommend this Mathnasium location. They are organized, responsive, and we will be continuing through the school year.

Staff always seem very attentive to my child’s needs Peter is always willing to discuss any questions I have

Mathnasium is such a positive environment. The instructors challenge and encourage our kids. Thank you!

My child hated math and ever since we found you all, she loves it and understands it better than she ever has! I am so thankful to have found such a great place for my child!

Ease of being able to come and get math tutoring at a time that works for your schedule for that day. Helping my child to fill in the gaps of math skills missed or not mastered previously will be a great benefit to her future.

The instructor seem very invested in working with the students They are clearly enthusiastic about mathematics

Really good my kids A+

I appreciate the help that is provided to my child. I also like that he is provided a curriculum that helps fill the gaps in his mathematical journey.

Our kiddo loves it! She was first hesistant about having a tutor but quickly changed her mind after the first session. The tutors are great and patient. The incentive “prizes” are effective and so far so good. Glad to have found a great tutoring service for our kiddo.