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Excellent tutors and support system for my shy kid who hates asking for and accepting help. The program has helped her bd more comfortable in class and more confident when she needs help.

My child loves math because of the great staff. I appreciate the support and insightful teaching methods. Thank you!

My six-year old daughter and now my four-year old son both take classes at Mathnasium and love it. The teachers are warm and keep things fun and both of my children think math is fun, which was my entire goal!

My daughter is more excited to get tutoring there than she is to go to school. Your tutors have a lot of patience. I see and hear her new found excitement about math. Thank you so much

Mathnasium is an excellent way to supplement instruction when public schools fall short.

Our daughter had terrific progress going to Mathnasium just twice a week. She was really struggling and has now caught up to her class.

I would be happy to recommend the program to anyone. Manny is very happy with his experience.

It’s the only tutoring that my kids actually enjoy and learn

This an exceptional program for either students who are who are advanced in mathematics be on their age group or for those who need a little extra help and getting a strong foundation for basic mathematics. The staff is professional, friendly and dedicated to both the students and their parents. I absolutely love Mathnasium. Thank you!

Zara loves all the staff at Mathnasium. Thank you so much!

They did an excellent job with my son helping him learn how to count without using his fingers. And he enjoy going down there to learn they teach kids how to love math👍👍

Our daughter loves mathnasium. She’s eager to go every day. She says they make math really fun!

I think attending sessions a few times a week is really boosting my son's confidence.

Great overall experience! My son has a learning disability and Jamal kept his promises with providing the right tutor (Pedro), and giving us the best time slot to come in when it's not as busy. My son really enjoys it and his math skills are improving.

We love Mathnasium! It is the perfect environment for my son to thrive in, and he is so happy to go every time

Mathnasium made a huge difference in my son. He went from a C to an A. Now he approaches math with confidence and it’s his favorite subject. I would also like to mention that the staff at Mathnasium OPRF are excellent! You always see a happy smile, a friendly face and warm welcome!

The teachers at Mathinasium care about their students and make math fun!

My daughter has excelled after taking the calcukus class!!! The teachers were top notch!!! I would recommend anyone in need of mah help to go to mathnasium!!!

So far everyone has been very kind. At first, Christian was not happy about attending Mathnasium. However, his father and I encouraged him to give it a try. We explained that it would build up his self confidence in mathematics and there are plenty of room to grow if he is persistent and determined to make a go of it. He really needs to know that smart is cool, and not have anyone bully or make him feel that it’s not a good thing or make him feel as though he has done something wrong. Dad and I are praying for positive results. We look forward to working with the folks at Mathnasium to help Christian succeed.

Zach enjoys coming and his MAP test scores were good.