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We were looking to provide our daughter with additional support for her math studies. As a Junior in High School it was difficult to find time to keep up with all of her studies and homework, with Math being the one subject she seemed to struggle most with. We saw the new Mathnasium opening up in Oak Park and thought we would give it a try. From the first session, my daughter commented on how much she enjoyed both the environment and her tudor. We never have to ask her to go, she literally tells us that she wants to go 2 to 3 times a week for the 1-hour session. She says that it allows her to complete her Math homework assignments, gets extra help on material she is struggling with, and also helps her better prepare for quizzes and tests. With the help of Mathnasium, she has maintained an A average during her entire Junior and Senior year of high school. Thank you Mathnasium for your program and especially for the genuinely terrific people you have working for you.

We love mathnasium. Even as CPAs we can't teach math skills nearly as well as Mathnasium. Our daughter struggled in math and is now excelling. The method works.

My daughter LOVES Mathnasium and begs me to bring her in as many times as possible every week!

At Mathnasium, my daughter feels comfortable learning. She actually feels happy about doing math! THANK YOU!

My son usually is eager to attend his sessions, and genuinely enjoys going. I never thought he would be as excited about math as he is now. All the instructors work with him on his level, and give him the feedback he needs.

We have been so happy at mathnasium! Extra shoutout to Jamal, Garrett & Margaret. Henry loves math. ❤️❤️❤️

Excellent tutors and support system for my shy kid who hates asking for and accepting help. The program has helped her bd more comfortable in class and more confident when she needs help.

My child loves math because of the great staff. I appreciate the support and insightful teaching methods. Thank you!

My six-year old daughter and now my four-year old son both take classes at Mathnasium and love it. The teachers are warm and keep things fun and both of my children think math is fun, which was my entire goal!

My daughter is more excited to get tutoring there than she is to go to school. Your tutors have a lot of patience. I see and hear her new found excitement about math. Thank you so much

I would be happy to recommend the program to anyone. Manny is very happy with his experience.

It’s the only tutoring that my kids actually enjoy and learn

Zara loves all the staff at Mathnasium. Thank you so much!

They did an excellent job with my son helping him learn how to count without using his fingers. And he enjoy going down there to learn they teach kids how to love math👍👍

Our daughter loves mathnasium. She’s eager to go every day. She says they make math really fun!

I think attending sessions a few times a week is really boosting my son's confidence.

Great overall experience! My son has a learning disability and Jamal kept his promises with providing the right tutor (Pedro), and giving us the best time slot to come in when it's not as busy. My son really enjoys it and his math skills are improving.

We love Mathnasium! It is the perfect environment for my son to thrive in, and he is so happy to go every time

Mathnasium made a huge difference in my son. He went from a C to an A. Now he approaches math with confidence and it’s his favorite subject. I would also like to mention that the staff at Mathnasium OPRF are excellent! You always see a happy smile, a friendly face and warm welcome!

The teachers at Mathinasium care about their students and make math fun!