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34-580 Monterey Avenue Suite 102
Palm Desert, CA 92211
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Recent Reviews:

Flexible schedule, courteous and accommodating staff!

Mathnasium is perfect leaning center for my daughter. Thanks!

Amazing experience thank you!

I would love it if a closer facility would open.

We love mathtisum, it make my daughter so happy she doesnt stress out any more , everyone there are really kind, and my daughter has an excellent grades in math now with no stress . We are so happy and feel so blessed about mathtisum center

I haven’t been able to take full advantage for my granddaughter yet, but so far our experience has been great!

My daughter has never liked math and has always had very bad experiences with her math teachers. She says you guys are super helpful and nice to her even when she doesn’t always understand. Thanks again for all your help!

Friendly and dedicated staff. Brenda and Sean were remarkable to work with. The staff works very hard in order for your children to achieve their goals. Highly recommended.

Mathasium really takes each students needs to heart. They worked with my daughter and now she likes math and is doing very well thanks to your personalized attention.

Great help for upper math!

I’m very happy with the results my child is getting so fast!!! 100% recommended Help kids by professionals!!

My son looks forward to Mathnasium sessions!

Great programs. Fun for the kids. Excellent teachers.

Friendly and great math environment. I love the assessment they use, it really gives you a comprehensive look in the area that you child needs help in. I appreciate that they work on the skill deficit area until mastery is reached and provide needed help along the way. Finally, the reward system is very motivating for your child.

The owner and coaches are incredible! Brenda is thorough and a great communicator of our daughter’s progress. Rad is usually her coach and does a fantastic job! Not only does the team increase her skill set and fill in gaps, but they challenge her and raise her confidence! Hats off to an amazing team!

Mathnasium has been a saving grace for both of my children throughout both middle and high school! Still straight A students - thanks to mathnasium!

It really help my daughter, she gain confidence and now she is not afraid any more with math classes, we are very happy and pleased with mathnasium program !!

Wonderful tutors, had a great experience.

My daughter is really happy studying with Mathnasium. Her teachers are very nice.

I really like your program and recently recommended you to a friend of mine. I do wish you had more comfortable seats in your waiting area. That way I'd sit in there instead of my car. Or that you were in the next group of stores over by the Starbucks!