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February 22, 2017
My daughter really loves going each week and her grades have improved. Thanks!
February 20, 2017
Grace Biener
My son has gained a confidence in math that he never had before.
February 13, 2017
My son is doing fantastic in Math. His confidence continues to grow. Also he particularly enjoys coming to Math and has a good time learning with all the staff. His progress is amazing. Im very happy & he never wants to quit coming to Mathnasium.
February 5, 2017
Steve Kaplan
Math makes money! It is a no brainer, the value of math in the world. Not to undervalue art and literature for a well rounded human being. But the universal language is very appealing. My kids love to come to Mathnasium of Park Ridge. Mary really cares. She is sincere as can be. If there is success to be had, Mary can be trusted to aim for it. Her staff are super folks. They are smart, caring, focused, mature, sensitive and aim for the best, just as Mary does.
January 19, 2017
Rose Maloney
Thank you Mathnasium, your program is amazing! My child has confidence in her math class. There are other competitors, that I have taken my child to, but your program actually works!
January 11, 2017
The reason how likely Ill return is nothing to do with Mathnasium. Its me and my allotted time with my son.
December 13, 2016
Tracy Elder
Never thought I'd hear my daughter tell me she 'actually really likes it'.
November 22, 2016
My two children walked into Mathnasium with two different views on math. My daughter was very comfortable and confident. My son was insecure about math and needed basic skill help. Mathnasium's approach, process and people all came together to help my daughter accelerate her learning and my son to love math. My daughter's math mind has been expanded to go far beyond what is taught at her grade level. Math is now my son's favorite subject, after only 5 months at Mathnasium of Park Ridge. We are moving to California and we are going to miss our friends at Mathnasium a great deal.
November 10, 2016
Mathnasium helped my six grade daughter very much, she improved her understanding, grade and confidence on solving questions around. We strongly recommend mathnasium !
November 5, 2016
My daughter went from having a D in math to having an A/B......thank you
October 10, 2016
My children looked forward to going to every session. It boosted their confidence in math.
October 8, 2016
My child actually retained everything that she learned.
October 6, 2016
Staff is very friendly and approachable. My daughter suddenly loves math!!
October 4, 2016
My granddaughter Angelina Adorno had a great time learning. She told me the lectures really helped. Thanks
September 10, 2016
Both of my sons had a very productive summer experience at mathasium. Since the school year started the instructors have been working on point with what my son is currently learning in school giving him more classroom and test confidence. All of the instructors are fun and relatable.
September 9, 2016
My daughter actually enjoyed going. It didn't feel like school or one of the other centers.
August 28, 2016
My kids learned a lot from you. They see math in a whole different way then they did before.
August 8, 2016
My son continues to excel in math with the guidance he has found at Mathnasium. They tune into his personal needs, strengths and weaknesses to continue his love and passion for math.
August 1, 2016
My kids enjoy going and the staff is Great!!!
July 28, 2016
I think Mathnasium is wonderful for kids. My daughter loves it there and it's helping her a lot.