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October 26, 2016
My boys are doing better in math.
October 24, 2016
My child isn't frustrated with homework any longer when I have to help her. She is much more relaxed about math and her teacher appreciates her hard work. I wish you guys had a van to pick up students from schools to bring them to math in Parker.
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
October 25, 2016
I'm so glad to hear that homework isn't frustrating her anymore! I wish we had a van too - that would be really helpful for a lot of people :).
October 18, 2016
Christin Pursley
My son has felt math confidence the first time in his 8 years of schooling. He goes to Mathnasium without an argument and is motivated to be successful. He receives encouragement, relationship and a varied approach to understanding. I wish we would've found Mathnasium sooner!
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
October 19, 2016
Thank you for your feedback Christin - I'm really pleased to hear that he is enjoying coming. All of the instructors and I enjoy working with him! Allison
October 15, 2016
My daughter was struggling in her math class. Last year she earned an A in math. This year, she was barely getting a C. After she got a 58 on her 2nd test, I decided to take her to Mathnasieum. She stayed with a tutor for 2 hours, going over the basics. She got a 100% on her next test.
October 9, 2016
My daughter enjoys her sessions & looks forward to going. I would like an update as to how she is doing and to know that She is improving and covering the necessary steps to be on track for Her grade level.
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
October 10, 2016
Thank you for your feedback Peggy. I'll be in touch with you to go over her progress.
October 9, 2016
My daughter loves going to Mathnasium! Allison and her staff are wonderful.
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
October 10, 2016
Thanks Tammi - We have enjoyed working with her and seeing her growth!
September 21, 2016
Michelle Galins
My kiddo is happy and loves math. Not dreading doing math homework, but raising her hand in class. What more can you ask for.
September 12, 2016
Mathnasium has greatly helped my son! He loves that he is rewarded for all his work too!
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
September 13, 2016
Thank you Sarah. His hard work has paid off both in rewards and better math skills!
September 12, 2016
Heather Puckett
The staff at Mathnasium has been phenomenal. My son has struggled with math since he was in elementary school and I feel like he has gained skills and confidence since working with the tutors at Mathnasium. As a parent and as a teacher, I strongly recommend them!
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
September 13, 2016
Thank you so much Heather! We have really enjoyed working with him and seeing his improved confidence and skills. Allison
September 4, 2016
Kristin Izzi
Mathnasium has created excitement for math and learning for my kids. Both kids can't wait to get to Mathnasium and are disappointed when they miss a session. They enjoy the one on one instruction time with the staff and ADORE Miss Allison. In today's classroom it is imperative that students have a firm grasp of math skills. Mathnasium provides students the math comprehension students need to succeed.
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
September 08, 2016
Thank you Kristin - I love having both of your kids with us during the summer! It wouldn't feel like summer without them :). Thank you for your trust in us and our program. Wishing all of you a terrific school year!
August 14, 2016
Dana Mc Donald
Excellent instructors- nice atmosphere
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
August 15, 2016
Thank you Dana - we all love what we do!
August 7, 2016
Rachel Lucas
Because it works!
August 6, 2016
Love mathnasium
July 22, 2016
Kim Baum
My son more than doubled the expected grade growth in math last year! 7 points is the expected growth & he had a 16 point growth number! I'm so happy with his progress. Thanks Allison & the crew at Mathnasium!
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
July 22, 2016
Kim - That is great news! We're so proud of his growth and achievements! Allison
July 21, 2016
My daughter is gaining so much confidence from her time at Mathnasium. I'm thrilled to see her not fighting the idea of math, and am looking forward to the school year to reap the benefits!
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
July 22, 2016
Thanks Krystal - We have really enjoyed working with her. I'm excited to see how her new found confidence will aid her in her class this year. Allison
July 19, 2016
My daughter loves Mathnasium. She enjoys going every day and is excited about Math. The staff are great!
Response From Mathnasium of Parker
July 22, 2016
Thank you Taryn - We are looking forward to seeing her continue to grow in her skills and confidence. Allison
July 15, 2016
Kaylynn always enjoys coming and the teachers put the time into making sure she understands the concepts.
July 9, 2016
Andrew and Tristin truly enjoy going to Mathnasium. In the 8 months we have been taking Andrew to Mathnasium his Math compensation has taken off and he continues to develop his confidence and skills with every session.
July 7, 2016
My daughter looks forward to her sessions at Mathnasium, and her math confidence has improved exponentially! Highly recommended.
July 5, 2016
Kirsten Berger
In 6 months my son's math confidence and basic number sense has grown tremendously!