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343 Gorham Rd.
South Portland, ME 04106
(207) 536-6888
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My daughter is happy to go! You make math fun. Great management at the south Portland Me location and instructors too. C [LAST NAME REMOVED]

Our daughter loves it! Age 12, extra math!

My daughter was struggling with math. When we tried to help her with homework, it usually involved a total meltdown on her part. After 4 months at Mathnasium her confidence has grown noticeably and, while she still dislikes doing math homework, it no longer involves meltdowns and frustration.

My child has gained tremendous confidence over the last few months.

We love Mathnasium! My Grandson never complains about going. He learns so much so I'm happy.

My Son Anthony was struggling with his math during his Freshman year.It was difficult as a Dad to see my son struggle and not be able to help him.He started attending Mathnasium and started seeing results immediately.His tutors did a strength and weakness assessment and figured out the areas that he needed help the most.Anthony used to dread test days at school,He now walks into school on test days with a can do attitude. Mathnasium has made a significant difference on Anthonys Algebra and Geometry. David O'Donnell Portland,Maine

My daughter loves doing math a Mathnasium. It’s been a great experience and is building her confidence.

The center offers a great alternative for parents who want their kids to spend summer time in a constructive way.

I will also discuss this with the director but the prize cabinet is an important motivator, my daughter really loves it. My kids can’t have food dyes because it causes hyperactivity for them (and many other children). There are tons of “clean” candies and treats available if you shop around. Kids should be able to enjoy treats that don’t cause negative behavior consequences. Please consider switching to dye-free treats.

My son has made great progress in the year we have been here. He has moved up almost two grades in math, and has gained a lot of confidence.

Great supplement for kids who already excel in math. Very supportive with keeping kids moving forward and interested in math.

Our daughter was very timid to go and was not open to even trying it out. They made her feel comfortable and she is slowly getting her confidence back. She asked to go and her scores are showing improvement already!

My son likes going 2xs a week. He is showing progress in his work there and that gives him a little more confidence in school.

My son loves going to Mathnasium!! He never puts up a fight to go. He actually asks if he can go more! The tutors are very friendly and I appreciate the honesty with parents. I think the prize incentive is amazing. Drop off and pick up is simple. Overall our experience there is wonderful!!!

Mathnasium helped with learning the basics of the material needed. I can now expand on my knowledge and become fluent in different types of math and calculations.

Still waiting for virtual classroom!

I've been very pleased with the level of experience with the instructors and environment. My son loves to go and continues to have a great learning experience.

This has been a good experience for my son. Although it has only been month. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year turns out.

Our boys had a positive summer experience at Mathnasium. They looked forward to seeing the friendly, helpful instructors, playing math games, and cashing in their points for coveted treats! More importantly, my husband and I appreciated that they gained valuable skills and confidence in math. Thank you, Mathnasium of Portland!

My daughter wanted to get ahead in math and loves going to Mathnasium. She says it's more fun than school math!