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July 19, 2017
Mathnasium has been a pleasure to deal with. They are professional, efficient and provide an excellent quality of tutoring tailored specifically for your childs needs. It is not inexpensive, but I consider it money well spent as an investment in my son's future. He received decent grades in math, but I knew he did not have a thorough understanding of the required math concepts. This summer we are turning that around!
June 3, 2017
Conley Zani
I think both my boys are really getting the enrichment they wanted - thank you!
May 16, 2017
Kristina Thompson
The Thompson family absolutely loves mathnasium!!! We started three years ago and we are very pleased with the excellent skills that have been taught to our two daughters. We have recommended the program to many of our neighbors and they are now attending. We love Doug and the whole staff. Well worth the price to help your child succeed in math. Kristina Thompson
May 12, 2017
The program is well run. My son's confidence and performance in Pre AP Calc greatly improved. We are very satisfied with our experience with the tutors and Mathnassium. Thank you!
May 11, 2017
Kimberly Keene
My daughter has raised her grade from 66 to 90 in Pre-Algebra in just 3 weeks. We are so grateful to Mathnasium staff for all their support and personalized learning plans.
May 9, 2017
My daughter enjoys going to class very much and has learned a great deal in a friendly and comfortable environment.
May 2, 2017
Our daughter actually looks forward to her time at Mathnasium and finds the instruction very helpful. If she finds herself behind on a certain concept in her math homework she is quickly brought up to speed by the skilled staff. Thank you for making math fun!
April 24, 2017
Our son is the second year at the Mayhnesium. The results of an excellent work of the instructors are obvious - our son's grade and comfort in math increased from C+ to B+
April 16, 2017
Patient with my autistic son. Helping him to be more patient himself with the importance of slowing down the steps and processes of math
April 4, 2017
Mathnasium has been a pretty good supplementary study time for my daughter and she has made some very good progress in terms of her ability to recognize and solve word problems, something I have been quite worried about. The schedule was pretty flexible and Doug Stearns has been very flexible with our schedule.
March 10, 2017
William Kelly
Not enough space here or time to tell you all how thankful we are. Straight A's for our son for two years. Great people and fantastic owner, Doug. Bill Kelly
February 22, 2017
We are extremely happy with Mathnasium. It is a great learning atmosphere and our child is more confident when completing math assignments. It has been a tool for success in math.
February 2, 2017
The atmosphere is very conducive to learning. Its clean and bright and there is space for the kids to spread their work out. The teachers are knowledgeable and patient and seem very good at engaging the students.
January 20, 2017
My daughter has gone from a C in math to an A-. Mathnasium is a big part of that improvement.
December 12, 2016
Louis Maroto
Bradley was out of school the other day ill. His teacher told him that he did not need to make up the math work that they had the day before. Bradley asked why and his teacher said that he was confident that he would be fine. Bradley is now feeling more and more sure of himself these days. This is due not only to the reinforced skills, but the fact that he is learning math skills from more that one individuals. I believe the above is key in his ability to learn the math with greater ease (From many different perspectives). Keep up the great work. Thank you, Luis & Andrea Maroto Portsmouth, RI
December 7, 2016
James Acheson
Increased her confidence and skills. She enjoyed going back every every time!
November 22, 2016
Cristine Mills
My daughter has always struggled with math. After just a few session at Mathnasium, I could see that she was already gaining more confidence in herself. She went from dreading math to enjoying it. The staff is always friendly and helpful. She had been home schooled for the last 5 years and started high school this year. We were worried that the transition was going to be difficult, but she has been doing great. Her first semester final grade in Math was an 106%. Thank you Mathnasium for giving her the confidence and the skills she needs to excel in what once was a difficult subject for her.
November 16, 2016
My son has finally scored a 90:/ on his math test and quiz. He finally gets it, he's not out of the woods yet, but Mathnasium has him on the right path.
November 15, 2016
My son enjoys going to Mathnasium. He is definitely more confident in his math skills then he was before going to Mathnasium.
November 13, 2016
Maura Brown
Mathnasium has been a godsend to our 9 year old son and his relationship with math. Since starting Mathnasium, less than a year ago, his math scores have improved from below average to average for his age and grade level. We are so relieved to have found such support and encouragement through Mathnasium and its professional and kid-friendly teachers.