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5250 22 St #30B
Red Deer, AB T4R 2T4
(403) 872-6284
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They are excellent at Mathnasium! They helped my daughter feel comfortable and more confident when doing math! She loved going!

My son loved Mathnasium! Not only did he solidify his foundational skills and improve in math, but also had fun while doing it. Great place, I would highly recommend.

My daughter is making tremendous strides. These guys are so polite and easy to work with. They are so good about accommodating our schedule. Even if it changes abruptly. My family is so greatful for them.

They focus in where the student needed more help in math topics and have a learning plan.

My daughter gained more confidence in solving math problems! The teachers are so nice and approachable to parents. They were so efficient in teaching students who struggle in math.

My son is not a kid who likes to sit still in school but he enjoys Mathnasium and is proud of his progress here.

Since enrolling my son in Mathnasium, I have seen a remarkable improvement in his math skills. The personalized approach to teaching and the dedicated instructors have helped him gain confidence and understanding of mathematical concepts. His grades have significantly improved, and he now easily tackles math problems. I am genuinely impressed with his progress at Mathnasium and highly recommend it to any parent looking to boost their child's math skills.

My Daughter's math has come so far since starting with Mathnasium. She still has a ways to go but there are so many concepts that she understands now and her grades on each assignment have gone up almost 20%. Thanks Yani and Riwan!

My son loved the whole experience! He was there for 9 months and it was never a struggle to get him to go. The people are knowledgeable and friendly, and there programs are fantastic. In 6 months He went from a D to a solid B. Best part is, he is no longer afraid.

Fun place for my daughter.

I strongly recommend Mathnasim in Red Deer! This place is run by professionals, all instructors especially Elena going above and beyond for their students , regular classes, extra classes if needed always available! Thank you so much for your service ! ❤️

Since enrolling my son at Mathnasium, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in his mathematical abilities. His improvement in addition has been particularly impressive; he now effortlessly adds numbers without relying on his fingers. Moreover, his enthusiasm for math has skyrocketed, and he eagerly anticipates each session at Mathnasium. The fact that he's learning while having fun speaks volumes about the program's positive impact. His noticeable progress has pleased me, and I highly recommend it to parents seeking to bolster their children's math skills in an engaging and effective way. Mathnasium has made a meaningful difference for my son, and I highly recommend it to parents seeking to bolster their child's math skills engagingly and effectively.

We are really enjoying our experience with Mathnasium.

We are so happy to find this please ! Lot of help , friendly environment ! Strongly recommended!

Very nice and warm educators. Fun environment to learn maths

My child has gained great confindence from attending and learning here. He is happy even excited to go. Math is no longer a scary, angry part of his life. It has been a truly wonderful experience.

I believe the girls are cementing in a basic foundation of math this summer. They really enjoy the experience at Mathnasium. I think the goal setting to achieve a prize or toy is very motivating for them. They both said "I wish we could be taught this way at school" This maybe the first time they have been graded on scholatic work. Some methods have stood the test of time. Great fun for them, they always are looking forward to math.

My kid loves i!. Is disappointed when he misses for any reason. Staff are very helful and friendly.

I would highly recommend this program; they go above and beyond to meet the students individual needs. They are very professional and devoted to their values and services. Excellent examples was used to simplify math for my child and they demonstrated high quality knowledge in mathematics

Very nice stuff! I can see big improvement!