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July 13, 2017
We like the teaching of Mathnasium. Lot of improvement with my kids.
July 12, 2017
My son had been struggling in math and also had after school tutoring with his teacher during the school year once a week. But it did not seem like it was enough. When he got on board with Mathnasium we saw a change in him along with having more confidence. We wanted to keep him at Mathnasium during the summer so that he would come into 4th grade strong. Happy parents!!
July 5, 2017
My daughter has made great improvement and enjoys going to the mathnasium.
June 19, 2017
I recommend Mathnasium every chance I get. They have really boosted my sons confidence since he's been attending.
June 7, 2017
Stephanie/Clay York
Great experience! Tracy is available for questions about child's progress and she wants to ensure your child's math needs are met for them to be successful in Math.
June 6, 2017
Great place for kids to learn.
May 26, 2017
Gregory/Youlanda Lomax
I like the experience dealing with the Mathnasium. My son seems to pay more close attention to detail since going!
May 9, 2017
Dominic/Mfon Ekpo
You guys have been able to explain math in simple terms to my daughter, and it has clicked. She's understanding the fundamentals and principles that drive math theories she's struggled with in the past. As a parent, it's a warm feeling to see her fears dissipate and confidence grow. Well done guys and thanks!!! (Dominic)
May 3, 2017
Before Mathnasium my daughter had a very hard time understanding math. She disliked doing math homework and would get really nervous when taking a math test. Now she is more confident when doing math and she is doing great in school.
April 17, 2017
Elizabeth/Mark Melancon
Great personalization
April 11, 2017
Rachel Galindo
My son has about 1 month into the program and has been going about 3 times a week. And we have noticed that he has confidence in his learning. His teacher recently informed us that he volunteered to help his small group solve story reading math problems. Which was great news to share with him. He felt very excited and proud that his abilities were noticed and praised. Thank you Mathnasium teachers for the hard work and brining out Math abilities and boosting his self esteem.
April 6, 2017
My two sons are doing great in math at school.
March 21, 2017
Charlesann Culp
Mathnasium has helped my child tremendously. Some of the ways I see are confidence level is much higher, ability to figure out math problems has improved a lot. I especially like the fact that Staff will assist student in homework assignments, by explaining how the problems should be worked out and allowing student work independently. The methodology gear students to work independently because the processes has been explained in an effective manner.
February 18, 2017
Positive experience and student greatly benefited from guidence.
February 16, 2017
Abby & Juan Mollinedo
My child has taken a new look at Math she enjoys it now!
February 13, 2017
February 7, 2017
Jeff/Rhonda Mc Reynolds
Staff and owner are great! They really helped our Hannah get back up to speed on her math!
January 15, 2017
Great instructor
January 9, 2017
Gina/Bill Berkshier
They had come from a school who did not prepare them well for their following year at a new school. Unfortunately, they both failed the 2nd semester of Math. I then enrolled both my son (9th grade level Math) and daughter (8th grade level Math). They are now in 10th and 9th grades and are doing well in Math. I am very happy with Mathnasium and their tutors (Rowlett location). I only wish their tutors would teach at my kids' school. Both of my kids had nothing but praise for their tutors. I now have a niece who is attending Mathnasium (Rockwall location) and is very satisfied. If you child is struggling, help them enjoy going to school again by giving them the opportunity to get a foothold of their Math abilities. Enroll them in Mathnasium today. I wish I would have enrolled them much sooner. My daughter actually said the other day that she enjoyed going to school. When a child struggles (in any subject), it pulls them down mentally. Now, my kids can walk in confidence, knowing they overcame their stuggles, so they can do anything. Thank you, Mathnasium!!!
November 21, 2016
Matches in gave my child foundation. He quickly learned and catch up. I like the way of their teaching unlike kumon like bunch of homework and it's discouraging for some kids.