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612 E. Bailey Boswell Rd
Saginaw, TX 76131
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November 17, 2016
Christina Fournier
My daughter won a scholarship from KVIL to attend this facility. She absolutely loves it!! I can tell her math skills are improving drastically and I can see her confidence is starting to rise in the subject. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Rose is so dedicated and you can see the love she has for the children!
November 2, 2016
Mathnasium me encanta sobre todo a mi nino esta aprendiendo muy bien a subido sus grados yo recommiendo que inscriban a sus hijos sobre todo si estan un poco lento en math .La Dr.Rose manager es una persona super atenta y amable cualquier pregunta Ella siempre esta a dispuesta a contestar se habla espanol tambien muchisimas gracias Dr. rose por ayudar a mi Hijo a subir sus grados.
October 20, 2016
So far everything has been great.
October 5, 2016
Marie Williams
My son can take his finished assignment to mathnasium, have it looked over, discuss the problems and ways to solve them is an important tool. He is able to return to school, apply it in class,show success on tests and explain to other scholars who may not grasp a particular concept. I do not worry anymore about his math class because Mathnasium is taking care of that part for me. He is one happy math student.
October 3, 2016
Sony Isaac
Thank you for building confidence in my daughter. She loves math now. Kudos to the entire staff @ Saginaw Mathnesium! Great place!
October 3, 2016
My daughter looks forward to going to Mathnasium! She really likes the tutors you guys have
October 3, 2016
Our sons have had and are still having a wonderful experience at Mathnasium of Saginaw, TX. The staff is friendly and reliable. The owner, Dr. Brenner is very approachable.
September 24, 2016
Debbie Rocha
The staff does a great job explaining things to Cody
August 28, 2016
Crystal Wilson
Y'all are awesome. You not only helped to teach my son math but restored his confidence in math which was half the battle for him. All the instructors are patient and kind. Thanks so much for all you do. Love you guys! Only thing that would be better is if you were up off of Avondale Haslet Rd :-) Crystal
August 23, 2016
Laura Puckett
My daughter does not like math but enjoys her visits to mathnasium. The people that work there are friendly and helpful. They explain math in a way that she can understand. Dr Rose is very accommodating and professional. Dr Rose and her team have helped my daughter in very specific areas of math that she needed. I am thankful they are a part of the Saginaw community.
August 19, 2016
Daniel Ibarrondo
Wonderful supportive learning environment!
August 4, 2016
Angela Carwheel
Mathnasium is an exceptional place for my kids to increase their learning, with support, in math. The instructors are patient and enthusiastic about assisting every child who comes through the door. My kids are looking forward to starting this next school year with Mathnasium's outstanding assistance. Thank you for such a warm and welcoming experience.
July 18, 2016
Gladys Kigigha
My child is about a month with Mathnasium and i can tell the difference in her math knowledge already. Mathenesium is actually building her up from those skills she lacked and had difficulty in grasping. I personally love the mode of instructions and the ratio of teacher to students. There are teachers to teach the kids and not some Tablets to play on..Its a great place for math instructions and the earlier you send in the Kids the better, to prevent them from hating math.
July 11, 2016
My daughter actually looks forward to her tutoring session and it appears that she is truely learning!
July 5, 2016
Individual attention, great place for kids to learn!
July 1, 2016
Lynn Martin
I love the fact that it not a computer based program and the kids have to work out the problems, and if they get stuck they have help. I appreciate the individualized approach, and positive attitude. And I love that it takes the the stress away from me as a parent, because of course, since I took Math in the Stone Age I clearly don't know how to do math now!!
June 6, 2016
The program was explained well, simple and flexible.
May 26, 2016
You have begun to restore my sons confidence and it is showing in his grades. With more time I'm sure he will get even better. He loves the people that work with him and sees value in going. It has also made our time better because he knocks out his homework with you. Thanks so much.
May 25, 2016
Daniel Ibarrondo
My son is not particularly fond of math but enjoys going to Mathnasium.
May 4, 2016
We just started and are looking forward to seeing how our son grows in confidence and knowledge of math.