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Sandy Springs, GA 30328
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Jeremy is incredibly adept at making a student understand concepts that they normally find difficult. We have learned so much about where’s my sons strengths and weaknesses are. Jeremy also makes it fun for the kids. Which helps break any tension the kids might be feeling. should have done this years ago.

My son actually loves going to do math practice... go figure!

Jeremy is really capable and always willing to help. He patiently listened and helped my son through his frustration.

Jeremy is amazing! Hunt wants to go everyday!

Mathnasium has been wonderful for my son! He enjoys going there and is very motivated to learn. These guys are doing something right! I recommend to anyone whose child is struggling the least bit with math.

It’s been great for our son. He gets a lot of practice in all areas of math. The flexibility it offers works for us as well. The center manager is wonderful. He’s available to talk/discuss any concerns or plans we need for our son. It’s great.

Jeremy is very helpful and encouraging. The concept of Mathnasium is amazing. We just started, but plan on seeing great results!

My son enjoyed learning Math at Mathnasium. As parents we are extremely happy about the centre and particularly Jeremy for his encouragement

Mathnasium saved my son’s math grade (Algebra 1 at Ridgeview Middle) and helped him stay afloat throughout his first year in high school. He enjoys going and it boosts his confidence. From the time he started attending Mathnasium (at first three times a week, now only once a week), he transformed himself from a struggling math student to one with a high A.

Our daughter enjoys going to MATHNASIUM and the hard work has paid off in that she is one of the top math students in her class.

Great coaching. Additional supplemental work provided. Jeremy is Awesome!

Best Decision we made to help our children with Math.

Our son has gone for three years and Mathnasium has helped him tremendously. Highly recommend

I already referred my sister to Mathnasium and she signed up my nephew, Cobi Beresin.

Great, dedicated patient teachers!

The program not only helps with confidence, the grades and the level of comfort is amazing! Life skills that will stay with your student.

The tutors and the drop-in system work for us. My son never needs to bring anything, as everything is there at Mathnasium. He does bring homework or a study guide sometimes.

Everyone encouraging, knowledgeable and supportive. Our son Definitely improved his math skills by participating in Mathnasium. We recommend everyone that has young kids or even high schoolers to give it a try! Most likely our son will be back for a refresh later this year or next !

Both of our children were struggling with math. We signed up for a year long program and they no longer struggle. Now they understand math from the inside. Thank you Mathnasium

I am very happy that we found Mathnasium and is right in our neighborhood. My son loves to go there and he finally gets math! In school he is the best in his class now and I am very proud of him. Jeremy was a great help to convince my son to try studying at Mathnasium. Everyone is honest and friendly! We already referred 2 kids of our friends to Mathnasium and they are also very happy!