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May 25, 2017
a very responsive and friendly atmosphere for my son to learn math better
April 11, 2017
Working with Mathnasium built my daughter's confidence with math. She not only became more comfortable solving different problems but really built up a momentum in her work that makes her proud.
February 22, 2017
My daughter seems to really enjoy coming and thus far we are seeing improvement.
February 11, 2017
So far so good. Would like a update on progress, but she goes in without complaint so I'm happy!
January 31, 2017
The tutor was a good listener. She was highly knowledgeable. She had a great attitude wanting to make sure my daughter mastered the material by having her solve it twice with my daughter explaining the steps. The student felt the tutorial was helpful and she learned strategies to successfully solve these types of equations in the future. Also this extra credit assignment was much different than the usual elementary Math and our tutor helped us see the bigger picture...saying these type of problems are highly challenging and truly beyond even 6th grade Math Honors. My daughter enjoyed learning and hopes to learn more at Mathnasium as the school year progresses!
November 18, 2016
Donald Massee
My granddaughter went from hating and fearing math to feeling confident about math. She loved Mathnasium. Her testing in math improved dramatically over the 9 months she was with Mathnasium.
November 3, 2016
Siena has been enjoying going which is great. We have been doing a little ISEE prep so havn't been able to focus too much time on the program yet but we are looking forward to her improving her math!
October 10, 2016
Dryden Helgoe
Mathnasium is a calm, friendly atmosphere where my children are enjoying learning math skills. I think they are benefiting greatly from their experience at mathnasium. Keep up the good work!
October 2, 2016
Mathnasium has been great so far, and our son is much more interested in learning at Mathnasium than at home.
September 22, 2016
Susan Maddela
I really liked the "summer special" - 20 visits over the summer - for my son, who is now in 7th grade. Mathnasium offered a challenging academic program for the summer, yet it wasn't too high pressure, so he could enjoy summer. It was just enough education to keep the brain working during summer break. The math tutors were all very nurturing, and effectively explained Math concepts in a way that was simple and thorough. My son is now back in school, and is doing very well in Math.
September 13, 2016
Colin has felt very supported and successful at Mathnasium. It has been more challenging getting there with the school year just starting and schedules still in flux, but once things settle down, Colin will be back at Mathnasium routinely. On another note, I will be sending information regarding my older son's High School fundraiser. He is a baseball player at Santa Monica High School and the Samohi Viking Fund Casino Night is coming up on Sept. 24. Might you consider donating a tutoring gift certificate or certificate to try Mathnasium to the silent auction fundraiser? I'll send additional information regarding the event in a seperate email. Thanks! [NAME REMOVED]
September 12, 2016
Love the ability to drop in when convenient for us and a busy school and sports schedule.
September 8, 2016
Mathnasium has helped my son do better. The only issue I have is that there is a lot of turnover with the managers and tutors.
August 11, 2016
My experience with my child was good, although he did not attend for a long time. But I have to suggest you to change the rewards on candy and sugary treats, for healthier rewards in tune with current knowledge and practice in schools, and therefore, supporting family's efforts to keep our children healthy. Thanks!
August 7, 2016
Ciza Tahan
Nicholas really looks forward to going to Mathnasium and loves all the rewards he gets! He is also feeling much more confident in his math skills! Thank you!
June 30, 2016
so far so good
June 22, 2016
Donald Massee
My granddaughter began liking math within a few months and loves to attend Mathnasium. Her scores in math improved substantially after 6 months of Mathnasium. I think it is a great investment. I am impressed!
June 5, 2016
I am a fan of Mathnasium. Suggestion - perhaps a monthly report of kids' progress/what's been covered? A monthly assessment test to see how they've mastered what they've been learning?
May 5, 2016
My 6th grader always looks forward to going to mathnasium. Can't stand math at school but actually enjoys math with you! My 11th grader likes the fact there are tutors available at a moments notice to work for an hour or two.
April 9, 2016
Eti Nodel
It's a great place for kids to study and improve their math, Laurie and Doron- the owners are Amazing!! My daughter enjoy going their she is able to finish her HW in a timely manner, quite and supportive environment. Furthermore, she is able to work on her math weakness and have better understating of the material. Thanks to Mathmatizim Osher chen start liking math! Thanks to Eduard, Carolyn, Anna, Carly, Gil, Kelly and everyone there. You are the best!!!