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10810 East Via Linda Suite 115
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
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October 22, 2016
It is helping my son be more prepared and confident in his class at school.
October 19, 2016
My daughter has more confident doing her work
September 30, 2016
The frequent instruction has been instrumental in her understanding of difficult concepts.
September 29, 2016
The kids enjoy it and seem to look forward to going. Math tests have improved.
September 4, 2016
I already referred someone that signed up their child. Do you not offer any referral acknowledgement? If so I did not receive any.
September 3, 2016
Deanna Medeiros
My daughter loves going. The award system really works with my daughter, I've never seen her that motivated in math just to receive something so small like a tootsie roll. I appreciate how much the staff encourages her and tells her how smart she is. My daughter needs this positive atmosphere.
August 29, 2016
excellent place.
August 20, 2016
chloe enjoys going every week- the tutors are fun and she can get a jumpstart on her homework
August 19, 2016
My son struggles with math but I have seen some really positive result in his performance at school.
August 15, 2016
Great place - very accommodating with schedules and works with school homework!
August 15, 2016
Jeffrey Klein
I have been going here since I was in high school and I am now a sophomore in college. Mathnasium has helped me pass every math class I ever had trouble in. Recently they helped me get an A in college Algebra when I was sure I wasn't even going to be able to pass it. The tutors are very educated and very willing to help as much as possible. I owe them a lot.
August 15, 2016
You guys have been such a huge help to Addi getting her math skills to where they need to be. Thanks!!
August 13, 2016
Wendy Klein
You helped my daughter master college algebra with timeliness and competent careful dedicated help!
August 12, 2016
Rachel Shamah
Our child loves mathnasium and unlike other tutoring, she never complains about going.
August 10, 2016
The staff at Mathnasium do such a great job of creating a positive environment while focusing on learning and strengthening math skills. Just yesterday (2nd day of school) my daughter said she was able to solve a math problem that the teacher had on the board, "thanks to Mathnasium!" Thank you Mathnasium!!!!
August 7, 2016
My child loves going to Mathnasium and all th he math counselors are all very knowledgeable and make learning math fin
August 5, 2016
You guys are lifesavers for us parents! Thank you!!
July 19, 2016
so far i see better result and confidence in her learning math
July 9, 2016
My daughter enjoyed going. She related well to the tutors and felt they understood what she needed help with.
June 27, 2016
We have been very satisfied thus far. My son really enjoys it.