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Simi Valley, CA 93065
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Great enrichment tool for my 7th grader who is gifted at math and passionate about algebra. His school curriculum would not pose him enough of a challenge to keep him motivated and give him a sense of achievement. Thanks to Mathnasium, his teachers are able to create a custom made curriculum for him enabling him to learn at the appropriate pace and getting feedback right away. The mastery checks and frequent updates are also a great tool for the parents to follow along. The results speak for themselves. At his most recent standardized test from his school, he scored in the top one percentile. His admission test at a prestigious private school also resulted in placing him automatically in the honors math class for the next school year, without need of an in-class assessment. In addition to all this, he enjoys the supportive and creative influence of his Mathnasium teachers. He has been able to continue his classes through distance learning. I wan to commend the efforts of the Mathnasium teachers in their efforts to provide a successful distance learning program for their students. I will continue to enroll him in Mathnasium in addition to his regular school curriculum.

Mathnasium has been invaluable this last few months when the kids were schooling from home.

My son started Mathnasium almost a year ago and I can see now that his confidence in Math just soars. He said his favorite subject is now Math and he finds it easy at school and I love to hear that. I no longer worry about his Math and he's now even doing problems ahead of his grade level. Bora is just wonderful, she cares so much about the students and she is so flexible with the schedule and tuition (even more so now with the online learning). Thank you Bora and Mathnasium!

Owner is very friendly and considerate. She is willing to help kids who need helps.

Pranav loves mathnasium and wants to go there. It is a very positive sign! He has shown interest in learning geometry and that shows that he is loving the learning process at mathnasium

Awesome place to improve math skills.

I absolutely love Mathnasium Simi! The Director is wonderful and my kids enjoy her friendly staff. The have helped my children overcome their fear of Math in a friendly and encouraging environment!

I can't say enough good things about Mathnasium in Simi Valley. Now that we are having to Stay at Home due to the pandemic, we are using the Mathnasium online classroom/at home (for distant learning!!) It is state of the art and so easy to use. I do not feel qualified to help my child in many of the areas of her current school math curriculum...and it's only 6th grade! Mathnasium's learning model gives my child the right amount of support together with the tools necessary in order for her to succeed in Math.

Bora is phenominal! Our daughter has had a great time at Mathnasium and actually looks forward to getting ahead in all of her math lessons at school! We can't wait to see Bora and her staff again, and look forward to trying out the online curriculum during these changing times.

My daughter was transferred back to Bora Simi Valley Mathnesium. We are very happy and pleased with my daughter’s progress. Bora gives personal attention to my daughter and I also see that with other kids. She makes sure they complete their homework and also gets help when required. She gives sample questions based on the homework so that she does well in her test in school. She communicates well with the parents and want to know how she can help in every possible way. This center is so good for the kids and I am saying this because we moved couple of places in the state and We didn’t see such concern and care for kids with regards to their curriculum and well being. I will highly recommend Simi Valley Mathnesium run by Bora any time. Thanks Cyril and Juliana Monis Clarissa parents

Mathnasium is incredibly professional, accommodating, & caring on every level. Boralda is extremely knowledgeable. She is so organized & is highly skilled in her profession. She goes above & beyond to treat every customer w/ the utmost respect & care. She’s so sincere & truly wants what’s best for her students. The staff is fantastic as well. They’re so patient & kind w/ each & every student. Our child has shown progress in a very short time. The learning center has an amazing way of providing a learning environment that enables all students the opportunity to reach their full potential. Thank you so much for the absolute best experience. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Great instruction.

My kids love it!

My granddaughter is learning Math for the first time in her life. She doesn't even resist going to tutoring, very surprising for me.

Our daughter went from F to c+ in 6 mos 😀

They all so Daughter loves it there and she learn a lot.

My daughter in 6 months when from getting 40% to 95% in school in every math test! She’s so much more confident and absolutely loves going to Mathnasium...

Absolutely love Mathnasium. Took my kid from an average student to an A+. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

My daughter attended bi-weekly sessions over the summer, and I believe Mathnasium helped my daughter's confidence and skills in math overall. She didn't dread going and even seemed to enjoy it at times, despite not wanting to have tutoring in the first place. The tutors were gifted helpers.

Honestly, my son has had 💯% on his tests and quizzes since he has started coming here for help with Algebra 2!! No joke!! This extra help along with him putting in extra time on his own has been amazing so far!! Thank you so much Bora and Mathnasium!