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Love all the people that help my daughter, it makes it less of a struggle to do her zoom meetings!

I really value the individualized, real-time instruction that my children receive with Mathnasium @Home, particularly since the schools have converted to distance learning due to the coronavirus crisis. I fear my children's overall education will suffer, but at least I have confidence that they will continue to build their mathematical skills during this difficult time. The one-hour virtual sessions three times a week with their instructor help bring structure to their day and my children enjoy seeing familiar faces.

My son, Rodolfo Kevin Sanchez, was able to understand calculus a lot more and Mathnasium provided all the support he needed to pass his AP Calculus AB exam. Now, he is in college and his easiest class was calculus. He’s thankful for each and every Mathnasium team member for helping him in his education journey. After my son went to college, we placed our daughter, Allison Sanchez, into Mathnasium to help her understand math since she had trouble during school. Her math scores went up and she is one of the best math students in her class. We are thankful for everything that Mathnasium provided.

Amazing teachers and they really help my child to understand math. If your child is struggling with math and this is a great place to help them.

My daughter actually looks forward to coming to Mathnasium. I never thought I’d hear that! They make learning fun.

Excellent program for kids that need help with math. My daughter keep getting good grades thanks to Mathnasium. Also excellent staff members that have a knowledge and now how to teach our children. Thank you for all the help

My granddaughter loves to go there which shows an attentive staff to her needs. She is steadily progressing in her math skills and when she needs help understanding homework, the staff takes time to help her.

Super nice tutors, amazing environment,

Lori And her team are very welcoming and have created a community of math enthusiasts! My daughter has enjoyed coming and is confident her math homework is complete, and is ready for the tests by reviewing the lessons and being prepared. As a corporate executive and mom, I can spend my time enjoying being her mom and caregiver and spend quality time together, instead of trying to be a tutor and math teacher on top of everything else!

We love this place! My daughter felt a little behind in math, so we decided to check out Mathnasium because it’s so conveniently located on Newport and 17th. I immediately was so impressed by how responsive Lori and Marissa were. They are so kind and knowledgeable. They made us feel right at home, and I knew they would keep the kids safe and comfortable. My daughter has only been a member for about a month, but she already feels so much more confident in math. She has a BLAST everytime she goes because the teachers make it fun and the other students are so sweet. She loves earning stars for prizes. It is an awesome program that I highly recommend for all kids, whether they struggle in math or not.

Mathnasium is awesome! As a supplement to their school math programs, my elementary, junior high and high school children have been coming to Mathnasium for a couple years now. They receive great tutoring and consistent feedback as well as any help necessary for upcoming quizzes and tests. I highly recommend Mathnasium!

Last February, my grand daughter was failing Algebra 1. As the semester end was nearing, I worried that she would not get credit for the class. Today’s math is nothing like I remember-so I enrolled her in mathnasium. It was the best decision ever! Her grade improved with each tutoring session. She scored an 86% on her final and earned a “hard fought” C in the class! Thank you Mike, Andrew and the Mathnasium staff!

Kids love to go and learn!

Within 3 visits to Mathnasium, my daughter gained her math confidence back. Best investment I have ever made.

My sons experience with Mathnasium has been excellent. He started at age 11 in 6th grade and tested at a 4th grade math level. Because of their proven methodologies, he has been able to get closer to his now 7th grade math level. At the beginning he was very timid and down on himself and Mathnasium has helped him become more confident in his math skills. I highly recommend Mathnasium if your child needs the skills to help him be successful.

Mathnasium has been a warm yet skill building environment for my child and her math skills! Lori, the director, offers her support and involvement w each child. We are so glad we found mathnasium and recommend it highly.

We really like all the nice tutors. And thank you Ms. Lori for welcoming my son in, your system really encouraged and motivated him to get math help. It was challenging enough to not be boring and he learned a lot without feeling frustrated. Your prizes rock too! Thank you so much!

Mathnasium is filling in the gaps that were missed and my daughter is gaining confidence with her number sense. Love the flexibility with days and hours! Going 3x per week is key :)

Great staff. Friendly. Good with kids.