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1835 South Centre City Pkwy, Suite G
Escondido, CA 92025
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My grandson Eddie is getting stronger in his math skills. I think the support he receives from Mathnasium will make a big difference for him in the future. Jill Zubec

Great owner and people within the center to make my son's experience painless.

Well organized and very supportive staff and tutors. My kids have improved greatly in math. The tutors are really friendly and knowledgeable.

I’ve seen a vast improvement in my daughter’s math ability and she’s finds math more fun as a result! Thank you!

My daughter raves about Math now and I love the rewards system. The tutors are awesome.

Since my son has been attending Mathnasium, his grades have significantly improved from a 2.4GPA to >3.5. Thank you!

Very helpful and friendly tutors and staff. We have been going there for a few years and my kids have improved so much in math class at school. Their self-confidence is much higher as well.

You guys definitely helped out Charlie bring his grade from a D to a B last semester. I'm hoping for an A as we role into Fall. I just wish your hours were a little more expanded to meet the needs of kids with sports schedules.
Response From Mathnasium of South Escondido
August 05, 2019
Thanks for the kind words Kelly! We will try to be more flexible in the coming school year. Feel free to reach out to us and perhaps we can work something out!

Loved Mathnasium but the hours were too limited over the summer.

My girls love mathnasium- it says a lot that they ask to go there!

Mathnasium, in the short time we have been there, has already brought my sons grade from an F to a B! He’s not only getting better and math, he’s understanding the fundamentals of math! Understanding the fundamentals is the most important to me because then he understands what he’s doing, other than memorizing. Thank you doe all that you do for him!
Response From Mathnasium of South Escondido
June 14, 2019
Oh wow! Good job Gavin! We've always said he was a smart boy. He just needs to direct his energy into his studies and he's all set. We're glad to be making a positive impact in his studies!

Mathnasium is amazing. That have helped my child to be more confident which is priceless.

My daughter loves coming. She’s so happy about math now.

It is a great experience for kids.. Thanks for helping my daughter.

My son gained more confidence in Math! Thank you so much!

My daughter’s MAPs Marh test scores improved over the summer from last year - we are thrilled with her progress and her new found confidence.

Our son is doing much better in math after just one month of tutoring. He is excited to go to Mathnasium!

My husband and I are extremely satisfied with the staffs especially the owner Lucille. My sons improved their grades when they enrolled in Mathenesium. We highly recommend Mathenesium - Escondido.

My daughter is beginning to catch up to her grade level. She has really grown in her understanding of the concepts in math and now has a stronger foundation to build upon. Her grades in math have come up from F’s and D’a to A’s and B’s. Her overall attitude about Math has changed. The wall she had built up in her mind has come down. She now has the confidence to tacklle math problems she would never even attempt before! She actually enjoys doing math and going to Mathnasium and earning punches for work she is completing!

Magnesium helped my granddaughter regain her confidence in math. She no longer struggles in math. She is able to complete her homework with no help and she has an A in her class.