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July 4, 2017
Monica Gilley
In hindsight, I can see how Mia's struggle with math had cast a shadow on her overall self-confidence. But thanks to Mathnasium, her rising math grade positively influenced other areas of her life- academic and personal. As they brought clarity to her CURRENT curriculum and she invested the time, ALL her grades improved! I believe that's when she finally realized her potential because she's worked hard with other math programs/tutors before, but to no avail; which would make any student start to think, "I'm not very smart." But she learned more than math skills, WE learned another life skill. Hard work does NOT insure success. WHO and WHAT we work hard with makes all the difference. That is WORKING SMART! Kudos to Michael Tate and Mathnasium of South Virginia Beach! :)
July 1, 2017
Mathnasium has been a great addition to our kids' study plan. They are friendly, make learning fun, and have tutors available for all ages from basic math through AP courses.
June 4, 2017
Michael and the instructors are wonderful! Their expertise have provided my children with confidence. Their grades and comprehension have greatly improved. Mathnasium is definitely a valuable resource and well worth the investment!
May 25, 2017
Kenneth Tancredi
I think the staff is GREAT!!!! My daughter enjoys going there and learning. It is a non stress atmosphere for learning and helps her grades at school.
May 23, 2017
Their True knowledge of all types and aspects of math is amazing and it definitely boost my child's confidence and self esteem along with improving her grades
April 19, 2017
Since my daughter has been attending Mathnasium over the past 4 months all her grades have improved. This is a testament to the overall confidence that is instilled by the excellent Staff at Mathnasium .
February 25, 2017
Xiolmarie Vega
My children really enjoy the fun learning environment fostered at Mathnasium. All the instructors are very friendly and always have a positive attitude. On a separate note; sometimes my children bring their math homework to Mathnasium and in isolated occasions it has either not been completed or reviewed by the instructors. In such occasions it seemed to me the binder created after the assessment takes priority. As a parent and as a customer, it is important to me my children not only develop their skills but also complete and understand their homework so they can be more successful in school.
February 7, 2017
Jackie Collins
I highly recommend Mathnasium of South Virginia Beach. My boys like the teachers and enjoy the positive atmosphere. Since starting at Mathnasium, their self-confidence and math grades have improved greatly. We are thankful for Michael Tate and his excellent crew for their help, their encouragement, and for making math fun!
February 5, 2017
William Glover
The teachers have been excellent and our daughter has definitely improved with math and gained confidence. The teachers make it fun to learn and present the concepts in a different way than they do at school. We highly recommend the program.
February 2, 2017
Lynn Wiles
We love Mathnasium! They have flexible hours, and the staff are friendly and help the students learn in positive encouraging atmosphere. The staff have a wide range of experience and are able to help all levels of learners from elementary students through higher level AP high school math courses. Totally worth the investment in your child's education!
November 12, 2016
Michelle Murray Carlson
My son Noah loves math so much after attending Mathnasium. He is making an A, and always is excited to learn new math concepts. Thanks so much!
September 10, 2016
Great tutors who are student centered.
August 15, 2016
Denise Peacott
My teen still loves going to Mathnasium after 4 years. She feels it is a fun learning environment and that it keeps her confidence up. I agree with her, and as an educator I see where the Mathnasium instructors are enhancing the learning and understanding of concepts she is exposed to in school. They have helped her from Algebra/Trig through AP Calculus. Their program helps the student understand math not teach them tricks to get by
August 4, 2016
We have moved to southern MS and are so very sad to have NO access to Mathnasium! We just don't know what we will do without this fantastic service!!
June 4, 2016
We have loved attending classes at mathnasium
May 24, 2016
A wonderful experience that completely meet and exceeded my expectations! Mathnasium truly helped my daughter become more confident with her math skills and enabled her for success in school. Thanks M@thn3rds!
May 14, 2016
Robin Latchford
The Mathnasium staff at Landstown has made a difference for my daughter. Thank you Mr. Tate and Mathnasium stff.
May 12, 2016
The Mathnasium teachers helped my granddaughter go from failing in math to finally making the honor roll. They do a fantastic job with the children. I highly recommend them.
April 4, 2016
Mike Tate and his team at the Virginia Beach office in Landstown are OUTSTANDING, the level of attention and concern is over the top and I HIGHLY recommend enrolling your children at this location!
February 23, 2016
Great learning environment, excellent people.