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1735 Ellington Road, Unit 7
South Windsor, CT 6074
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June 5, 2017
Clarence has been very accommodating and flexible, my daughters tutor is very knowledgeable and my daughter is doing really well in math.
June 1, 2017
Teachers seemed very pleasant and engaged with the children. Clarence was very nice and professional as well.
June 1, 2017
We have truly enjoyed the experience at Mathnasium South Windsor. Clarence and his staff are very helfpul with our ever changing schedule and have provided exceptional tips and tools to further advance our son's Math skills. Great job Mathnasium South Windsor!
May 30, 2017
Jeanette Baigert
Flexible, enthusiastic and easy to work with, this location has been very helpful to help us reach our goals.
May 15, 2017
I can't say enough about the staff & this program. My daughter was failing math two years ago, and has continued to hold an "A" average ever since she staeted coming to Mathnasium. They also provide preparation for both SAT & ACT tests. Thanks to all!
May 15, 2017
I believe that the method used to assess the students is great way to determine how to address the gaps in the different levels of math.
May 13, 2017
The tutors are very professional. My son is at ease with them as they help him understand his homework.
April 19, 2017
Thank you for helping William stay excited about math and making it fun for him to learn and reach his potential in mathematics!
April 1, 2017
Mathnasium offers a great curriculum to keep students ahead of grade level. More importantly, it uses an approach to help students understand & appreciate math.
March 31, 2017
Mary Catherine Gopal
The Mathnasium center in South Windsor allows us to utilize the center for homework help, test preparation, enrichment learning, and tutoring support. There are no limitations on how many times you can attend per week. Also, flexibility for scheduling the sessions. I would highly recommend to any family!
March 8, 2017
My son really likes going and he is slowly beginning to feel more confident about math
March 2, 2017
Professional environment , knowledgeable tutors, owner is very flexible and accommodating .
February 7, 2017
Mathnasium of South Windsor is a great learning center. I as a parent is very great full and very glad that I have picked the right place for my son. This is a very organized and flexible program. Mr. Smith has always been a coma dating and understands each student requirements and focuses on their needs and strength. This place has highly knowledgeable and pleasant staff that works great with the students.
February 2, 2017
Irene Fuksman
Mathnasium's math support for kids really work. Just for 6 month my son's math grade improved from "D" to "B+". We would like to continue work with Mathnasium to insure outgoing and strong success.
November 27, 2016
We like how the classes are customized to our daughter and what she needs help with.
November 25, 2016
The instructors are great, very accommodating and they are very good at explaining the concepts.
November 12, 2016
Our son loves to go each day. The tutors are very patient with him. They help him understand the material better than we can.
November 3, 2016
Richard Poinelli
clearance is great to deal with and the proof is in my daughters grade
October 28, 2016
Jill Betts
Clarence & his team of instructors are top notch!(Yasmin was also a stand out w/SAT & ACT help). Clarence & his team are flexible & and show a real passion for helping kids appreciate Math. Great experience!
October 25, 2016
Arun Jothiraj
Hello, Mathnasium program was really great as it can be customized to individuals, I was not able to continue due to financial reasons. Otherwise I would have continued. Thanks Arun