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7123 Mexico Road
St. Peter's, MO 63376
(636) 812-6284
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My son Zak is really enjoying going to tutoring!! So that makes me happy!! Plus he's really enjoying math this year!!

Madison's Grade within 4 weeks went to a B

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, my son has improved his math grade by leaps and bounds. David is so caring and worked very hard to meet all our needs.

So happy to find a place that makes Math so easy to understand for my kid. A fantastic staff that always go out of their way to make going there fun. My child was given the confidence at Mathnasium and I am so grateful. Strongly recommend going to visit St. Peter's Mathnasium site. Ask for David and you will not regret it.

Mathnasium has been so good for our son. He has always done great in school and this year with Pre-Algebra, Math was all of a sudden hard. We took him to Mathnasium and after a few visits, he gets it. He looks forward to going and when it’s time to be done, he always says just a few more minutes. With just a handful of visits he is staring to get his confidence back and he is even excited when he gets problems right on homework! It truly is a fun, rewarding program.

My daughter has only been attending Mathnasium for about a month, but I can already see progress in math ability. More importantly, I see her confidence increasING astronomically.

So far so good

The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. And they make it fun so my son enjoys going to Mathnasium!

They have really worked hard to try to help my son feel more comfortable with math and to find a way of teaching that will really connect with him.

Have been very happy with my sons progress at mathnasium!!

This place is a lifesaver! My daughter has been really struggling with math since 1st grade. The instructors are amazing and are a perfect fit for tutoring her. Things are finally starting to click. Worth every penny!

My son likes the program better than Kumon. I would recommend the location. The staff is nice, patient and understanding.

My child ask to go To mathnasium, he said it has made math fun and he enjoys earning the cards to collect prizes!

In short few months, we have seen quite a bit of improvement in the Math skills of our son. Faculty is knowledgeable and friendly.

When we enrolled our son in Mathnasium, he wasn't excited to spend two hours a week doing math during his summer vacation. The staff has done an excellent job, providing the one-on-one instruction he's been missing in the school classrooms. We hoped Mathnasium would help him sharpen his math skills before entering the sixth grade, but to our surprise he's actually enjoying the subject for the first time and is excited to apply what he's learned as he enters middle school. Highly recommended!