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Honolulu, HI 96816
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Recent Reviews:

Great building of a math foundation.

My kid is so happy to learn math in the class

Great at customer service and help when needed. Thank you all.

My son’s grade from C+ to A- I can’t be more happier than that. Thank you so much for making math easier for him. He didn’t complain about it.

Rock-bottom ADHD son got rescued by this amazing Mathnasium Waialae!! After trying a few different tutors, I was just angry and frustrated as all they did was to watch him does his homework at our expense, which I could have done. So, when I brought my son to Fred (the owner of Mathnasium Waialae), I grilled him with lots of questions because I was NOT willing to pay for another "homework sitter". I'm so grateful for Fred, Erinn, and their dedication and love for my son. He hated Math when he started there but soon became a Math lover and his grade became D to A (sometimes B). One of the great things about this place is you can go there every day if you want to. So, going to Mathnasium became a "daily ritual" for my son, which taught him to be persistence and focused. We're leaving Hawaii to our new place in the East Coast and found Mathnasium just 10 minutes away from our new home! Although we're sad to leave here, we're glad that my son can still be a part of Mathnasium Ohana after we move. We recommend this place to several friends and they all love it and it is absolutely worth your money, time, and for your child's confidence!

Mathnasium Waialae is all about support. The are very accommodating and make my children feel welcome. They have a supporting learning environment and "ALL" employees at this location are excellent. We often pass on very good things about this math support organization. Thank you!!

In this critical time of current events, Mr. Schulz continues to show his compassion for everyone at Mathnasium!!! His efforts to provide online classes is greatly appreciated. To everyone stay well and stay safe.

Mr. Fred is always checking in parents on child’s progress.

After being at Mathnasium for a little less than a month, my son used to have DP and WB for his math tests. Now he comes home with MP and ME.

Our family has ran into a difficult situation over the past 8 months. Fred and Erin have been so supportive and accomodating, making our lives less stressful during this time. My sonʻs experience with mathnasium has been great! He is more confident after the achievements he has made with this program. My son still has a way to go but heʻs perservering. We have tried other programs but this is the one program that has been the most effective. Thank You!

Mathnasium offers great hours. Erin and Fred really care about their staff and students. They make you feel like family. My son asked to stay extra time to play a math game. We are really happpy with this program.

Great environment and staff. Child gained knowledge, skills and most importantly confidence. Thank you for everything.

The service is great there is tons of parking right outside and the tutors are very helpful and friendly. They helped my kid get started in class with love and support. This place is great and my kid likes it here too!

Within a month of our son attending Mathnasium of Waialae, he raised his school Math score a whole grade!

My rating is based on the feedback from my child. He enjoys going to Mathnasium. The excercises have really helped understand his school math lessons. He's back to his usual level of confidence! Thanks Mathnasium!

So far, it has been helpful. Thank you!

Everyone has been so nice, and Fred was very responsive and accommodating. Thanks for a great summer!

Staff at Mathnasium Waialae creates such a warm and welcoming environment for both students and parents. Their care and effort creates a trusting and encouraging environment - to which my daughter looks forward to attending sessions with them. So happy we signed up!

We have nothing but great stories of Fynn’s time spent at Mathnasium and his grades prove it!

My Son just started this Program and loves it. He is starting to feel more comfortable and has the soark to learn.