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Thank you for your help and patience with my son. He is learning more slowly but surely despite his autism/ADHD. I am excited to continue and see his growth.

We’ve already recommended, the students are signed up with you

Oscar is wonderful, he knows how to tap into each child’s learning style and potential. His staff is upbeat, outgoing, and make math relatability. Both my children attend and not only have their math grades and aptitude increased, but they both are more focused and organized.

My 4th grader and freshman are always eager to go to their tutoring sessions at Mathnasium and report back what they mastered that day. Their math comprehension has definitely improved. I do find that my junior in precalculus sometimes has difficulty finding tutors that can help him with specific homework problems, which can be frustrating, but he is getting help in building his fundamentals.

They listen to what the family needs in terms of math support.

Aria loves going and enjoys working Tyler, Erin and the others.

2 key changes in my daughter since joining Mathnasium: 1 - Doing homework with her is MUCH easier. No fighting, tears, resistence or frustration. Her attitude in approaching Math is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. She has actually said she wanted to skip sports to go to Mathnasium. 2 - Her grade in school went from a D or F to a B by the end of her school grading period. Most important to highlight was the fact that these 2 changes happened in approximately 4 weeks at Mathnasium. Proof is in the pudding.

Yes I would refer friends and family to Mathnasium Oscar and his teachers have done a fine job upgrading my kids math skills !!!

Our son loves going to Mathnasium and is learning very quickly.

My daughter really enjoys going there and feels that the sessions make her more confident. She’s enjoyed the tutors and has created actual relationships with them.

The teacher are very friendy and my son is very hippy

We love Mathnasium. Both of my kids math grades have increased since starting there. The tutors are all amazing my kids love it.

It's been a great experience for my son. He likes going there and feels like he is advancing his skills to the next level. For a teenager to not complain about extra tutoring, but actually enjoy the experience, that speaks volumes to the excellent tutors and program! I've been recommending this program to other parents, it's worth it.

The owner Oscar is very hands on and truly cares about the kids' progress and success. He has great communication with the parents. Highly recommended!

Oscar and his team were crucial in helping my son get past Pre-Calc and Calc during 1 semester. I cannot say enough about the programs and tracks they offer.

We are seeing our son's grades go up since beginning tutoring at Mathnasium!

I highly recommend the staff at Mathnasium - Wauconda. In less than two months of attending there, my son's math teacher at school already reports improvement in his class participation and knowledge of the concepts being taught in school.

Everyone at Mathnasium is great! My daughter was years behind in Math and they were able to make a custom plan for just her and are helping her catch up. In just a few weeks, her confidence has grown so much. She isn't fighting me about homework, and (best thing of all) she is understanding the homework. I no longer have to youtube or google how to do videos for her because she doesn't rememebr how to do the homework. She brings the homework with her to Mathnasium and works on her catch up plan. She loves going and is always asking when she can come back.

Love wauconda Mathnasium! My daughter is doing so much better in math and overall is more confident and happy! Thanks to everyone at Mathnasium!

They have a terrific rapport with my son and he always enjoys going!