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love the staff and their willingness to work with my family to find the best course of action. They are flexible

Our grand daughter loved coming to Mathnasium, and we hope that she will be able to continue in the future.

By the 2nd grade it was obvious to me that my grandson needed more help in math than my husband and I were able to provide. The basic 1+1=2 format of the 1960’s was no longer relevant. Helping him with “simple” 2nd grade math, became frustrating for him and me, despite my doctorate level education 😮. After researching the options available, I enrolled him in Mathnasium in July 2018. The two things that persuaded me most where the fact that all work was done at the center, rather than work sheets sent home. By this time, I didn’t want anything to do with interacting with my beloved grandson and the dreaded mathematics. Secondly, the confidence that the owner, Kimberly Smith, engendered. After we enrolled, I was initially concerned by the setting. Specifically, the open room with multiple people interacting caused an ambient noise level that I thought would be too distracting for him. I soon realized that this more adequately reflected the classroom environment than sitting in a “quiet” place. Secondly, rather than having a “designated” tutor, he rotated between different instructors. I soon found this to also be a strength. They were all on the same page, metaphorically speaking, but brought the uniqueness of their individual styles. The change in his math grades and attitude where not magically improved overnight, but definitely within a very reasonable period of time. I also appreciated that I could sit on the sidelines and observe. I soon witnessed something I had never seen before; correct answers to math questions and even an occasional smile and laughter. Great staff and worth every dollar!

Kimberly is amazing and so is her staff

I like the small group setting and attentiveness to my child.

Thank you very much for all your help during all these years.

I had a child go to Mathnasium years ago that benefited greatly from her experience. I now have another child that’s needs additional help and he has loved it since day one. I love the student to instructor ratios and the program overall.

I really like the program and the staff!

so far so good. She likes it! I am looking forward to her getting homework help. Very accomodating

The program is well organized and the assessment picked up on things our son needed to work on. The incentive program is a bonus which helps them see working on math in a more positive light.

Your services have been very helpful for my son. Thank you

My daughter hated math! She was very discouraged and was so mad I signed her up!. After the first day, I never had one complaint... she is gaining confidence and doesn't mind going to tutoring. She is little by little filling in the missing pieces. It's such a turn around for her and math doesn't cause har so much turmoil any more. The staff is amazing, you have made such a difference, not just in her life but in our family's ❤ Thank you dio much!

Mathnasium is very organized and well run. My child had a great experience and accomplished his goal. Thank you!

The tutors are very knowledgeable and patient with the students. My son more confident, since he started going to Mathnasium.

The Manager and owner made the difference and I always felt they were very involved in the details of the business. My son was not just a number to them.

My sons average Math marks was 55%, when he joined Mathnasium his average marks increased to be in the 70%, latest math mark he got last week was 98%! He significantly improved thanks to Mathnasium :)

My daughter loves Mathnasium!

We had a great experience & it was very helpful we will return. The only reason we stopped was due to other school obligations getting in the way. The tutors were attentive and helpful, it was great to have a variety since teaching style can differ.

Mathnasium has been very helpful to both my children. They allow them to work at a comfortable pace that meets their needs. They are more confident in math and they are maintaining A and B grades in their math classes.