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October 18, 2016
Valerie Hall
Since beginning Mathnasium, my son's teacher and I have noticed an increase in my son's confidence, resulting in greater efficiency in task completion as well as higher scores on tests and homework. I appreciate the staff's attention when he needs it or allowing him to work independently but be available for questions which allows him to function better on his own. Thank you for offering this service for our kids.
October 17, 2016
Kids really enjoyed interactive and fun learning environment. They said it was the best experience they had compared to other supplemental math tutoring. We were unable to continue due to budgetary constraints.
October 14, 2016
The time spent with my daughter to ensure she succeed is what impress me more than anything. The owner is fully dedicated to what she do. The only negative is it's only one of her, so some late evenings her time is limited.
September 24, 2016
Patrice Dodds
Lola is absolutely wonderful. My son had gained more confidence in math. His grades have improved tremendously since he has been attending Mathnasium with Lola. I would highly recommend this location to anyone who has a child that is struggling in math.
September 17, 2016
Our experience at Mathnasium West Cobb has been great. Can see the results in improved math grades and more importantly, increased confidence in math skills. Only request is that you consider Friday hours. :)
September 11, 2016
My daughter loves coming to mathnasium. She has an A in math this year versus the C last year. As a parent, my favorite thing about Mathnaseum is that they do her homework with her. I highly recommend Mathnasium !
September 10, 2016
Jacqueline Wallace
My son has struggled with math from the beginning of his educational career. We used tutor after tutor seeking to help and support him. However, it wasn't until we enrolled at Mathnasium, West Cobb did I begin to feel a sense of hope for my son's educational future. Staff are supportive and never give up. My son's needs are great when it comes to math, but Mrs. Lola has hung in there with him. I appreciate the professionalism, skills, and knowledge that is giving my son the confidence he needs to keep trying in math. I would recommend this location to any parent seeking math help for their child. Don't give up, Mathnasium can help! Mrs. Wallace
September 2, 2016
We couldn't do math without Mathnasium!
September 2, 2016
Mathnasium has saved my has truly made Math make sense....I would refer Ms LOLA to EVERYONE I KNOW....THANK YOU !!!!!
July 28, 2016
We have been extremely pleased with this program. Lola and her staff were excellent. I would definitely recommend Mathnasium at West Cobb!
July 28, 2016
Lisa Petsko
My daughter enrolled in the summer program. She had a great experience with all the staff and has learned a lot. I feel she is more prepared for school this fall as a result of studying a Mathnasium. She did not mind spending an hour there, so I know it must have been fun!
July 23, 2016
Great staff, love the flexibility
July 23, 2016
Kids commented that Math is easy and fun. They enjoy going to MATH.
July 17, 2016
Staff makes it fun to come and work on math. My son enjoys coming.
July 8, 2016
Lola is wonderful...and so is Eric! It was a very positive experience that made a big difference in my daughter's grades and confidence!
July 6, 2016
Mathnasium has gone above and beyond to help my son become successful in math!!
July 5, 2016
Jacqueline Chiles
My son has improved his grades, and confidence. I especially like the fact that he can complete his homework there and have it checked. Saves me so much time and frustration as a parent.
July 3, 2016
Karen Mc Donald
My son has struggled with math for years. Not only is he improving he LOVES going to Mathnasium. The staff is great and makes learning so much fun.
July 2, 2016
My daughter was struggling in her 7th grade math class. She has the ability to do the work but lack the confidence needed to pass her test. Being at Mathnasium increased her confidence so well that she went from a 54/F to a 88/B in one semester. I would highly recommend to any student any grade level that's lacking either confidence in math.
June 4, 2016
My daughter Ava loves coming to Mathnasium. I am kicking myself that I waited until the last week of school to start her as I think it would have made an enormous difference this past school year. I am very interested to see how she does with her next assessment. The staff is all so nice and Ava likes and feels the connection with each of them. Of course, the Skittle incentive is a huge added bonus to her. :-) We are so glad we found you !