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2275 Westwood Blvd.
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July 21, 2017
My son has had an aversion to math ever since 2nd grade. Likewise, his grades reflected his lack of interest. Last year his teacher was frequently absent and the substitutes were inconsistent. This added to his skills falling farther and farther behind. After getting a recommendation from a friend, I enrolled him in Mathnasium's program at the end of his 7th grade school year. We started seeing results with his skill levels and efficiency immediately! But the best part is that he reminds me that he needs to go!!!! It brings tears to my eyes that he is catching up so quickly and can't wait to share with me what he is working on. YOUR PROGRAM ROCKS!!!!
July 13, 2017
Great customer service. The managers of the facility, each one that has come through, are fantastic.
July 10, 2017
I love that my daughter is saying,she starting To enjoy math
May 23, 2017
Lysa Geller
Mathnasium has helped both of my boys so much. They both got A's in math!
May 6, 2017
I thank Mathnasium for helping my daughter to improve her grades a big time and I refer Mathnasium to all my friends and family who may need help in math
May 2, 2017
When Dan left, we were concerned because he did such a great job. He assured us we would be in great hands with Tuyet and thank God he wasn't lying! The transition has been smooth as apple pie and Tuyet (and staff) have been stellar. Like Dan, she listens to any concerns, responds to info we give her from school, and she as well as the team are great with the kids! I maintain that the Westwood Mathnasium is head and shoulders above the rest in the city because of the amazing staff you somehow manage to find. Even though it's been a short time, Tuyet has done really well. The only reason I don't want to complement Tuyet more is one, it's only been a short time and two, although it looks inevitable, we don't want her promoted to another city just yet please. Thanks Mathnasium Team!
May 2, 2017
Our daughter's confidence has improved immensely & she doesn't dislike Math as she did before starting at Mathnasium. We really like the staff, they're patient, friendly and knowledgeable.
April 18, 2017
My daughter has been going to Mathnasium for about 8 months now. When she goes regularly twice a week, I have seen her math score on her report card improve dramatically at school (from a "B" to an "A"). When she does not go regularly, then her math score goes back to a "B". For me this is proof enough that the Mathnasium curriculum really works!
April 16, 2017
My daughter Mayah loves coming and playing and having challenges with math. She loves the staff too.
April 6, 2017
My daughter loves all of her instructors. Her confidence and skill is math has been building. Overall, it's been a great experience
March 9, 2017
My daughter enjoys attending and it is helping her at school.
March 6, 2017
Fantastic customer experience every time. the program is also very effective.
January 11, 2017
They got to know our daughter really well which made her feel more comfortable going in every week.
January 11, 2017
I am very happy and satisfied with your program my daughter is happy happy to come there everyday and learn math it is very important to me and thanks a lot from head of there Dan and other staff all are very kind and professional.
January 2, 2017
Kara Price
You guys are doing a great job at Mathnasium! Diana's math grades have gotten better as a result. Thanks 2 all of U. Happy New Year!
November 18, 2016
Knowledgeable and caring staff. My kids now like math!
November 7, 2016
Both our sons grades have gone up and our you son says math is his favorite class. Quite the turnaround
November 3, 2016
Great instructors! Questions are explained so that the student gets it!
October 31, 2016
They care about their students progress and make it a fun environment for them as well. My daughter really enjoys it!!
October 28, 2016
Victor Elizalde
attention is very personal!