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7212 Hancock Village Dr
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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Great place. My son’s grades went up from 70 percent to 95 percent. I am tremendously happy with my son’s progress. The new director Mathew Muncy is so good. He keeps track of each student’s progress and discusses their progress with their parents very often. He also speak to the the school teachers to plan out student goals. Thankyou Mathew for doing this. If you want to move your child to honors level in maths, mathnasium is the best place.

They work with the goals you have set for your child. Friendly and helpful staff. They set up meetings to go your child progress. My child is more confident doing math now. He’s happy to go there! His teacher as also noticed his improvement.

We spent a year going to the Mathnasium at Woodlake. It was almost a two hour drive. We did this at least 3 times a week. It was worth the driving and time. My daughter got through her 11th Grade calculus with flying colors. The staff at Mathnasium are the best. My daughter actually says she misses going there. I would recommend it to all, you can't go wrong.

Very well organized, great motivation tools and efficient program.

My daughter enjoys learning math there. It really helps her with her math confidence and helps her keep trying when it gets tough.

We are very happy with Mathnasium. Great support and very attentive. Our daughter seems to like it.

My kids always enjoy going to Mathanasium compared to doing Math at home. Their mental math abilities have definitely increased ever since they started. The instructors also make sure the students needs are met. The best thing for them is that they get to collect point and get fun rewards.

We did a lot of research on various tutoring options in the community and found that Mathnasium offered the most tutoring hours per week without a confining schedule. The staff at Mathnasium are always engaging and supportive. My child has thrived in the positive environment at Mathnasium and I’m thankful to have such a great resource available in our area.

I like the mathnisum because my son's grades are Improved and he likes to go there. Thanks ! [NAME REMOVED]

I am very pleased with Mathnasium. They have managed to change my child's attitude regarding math. She now eagerly approaches math and looks forward to her visits to Mathnasium.

Karen! My recommendation came from observing everyone’s interaction with the students but Karen stands out. She knows them by name and genuinely cares for and wants them to learn/know math. Thanks to all of the instructors my daughter really is loving math and wants to go above and beyond what is expected of her. Karen, thank you for being warm and welcoming but most of all, thank you for always wearing a smile!

AJ went to the multiplication camp over spring break. He got better and more confident with his multiplication skills. I found him trying to teach his younger cousin multiplication skills one day. I had to smile. I was very pleased.

Our child's grades at school have improved some. He is learning better ways to figure out his math problems. He actually likes math now. He enjoys going to Mathnasium. Glad we chose this for him. Thanks a lot for all your help.

Great environment for my kids to learn essential math skills.

Very accommodating summer schedule. Excellent staff - instructors relate well to students and focus on individual needs. My niece, visiting from another state, was able to continue her studies while here. Upon returning home, she passed the retake of her end-of-course exam. Thank you!

My child loves going to Mathnasium, and has found confidence in his Math skills. Very professional and inviting atmosphere.

We have 2 girls - 4th grade and 7th grade and both of their math grades increased within 2 weeks of starting Mathnasium. 79 to 84, and 79 to 91.

My son's performance improved in Trig and he also did well on the Math SAT this year, which we attribute at least partially to his time at Mathnasium. The management also is super engaged and looks for feedback consistently.

Love Mathnasium. They have dramatically increased my son's confidence with Math and somehow make it fun at the same time. He enjoys going and his grades have improved from middle to low B's in Math to mid-low A's. Also, his competency has improved from about a full grade behind to consistent with this current grade. Our son is a high school freshman and been going there for 2 years and we plan to continue with Mathnasium throughout his entire high school career.

Since attending Mathnasium, my son's grade have improved from a C to a B. Attending 2-3 days a week makes a great difference and I am happy to say that he enjoys it. Thank you to the team at Mathnasium...