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2201 W 25th St
Lawrence, KS 66047
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April 22, 2017
Lawrence, KS
Stacy and her team always do such a great job cleaning our house!
April 21, 2017
Lawrence, KS
Reliable, efficient, thorough
March 19, 2017
Lawrence, KS
You do a wonderful job, and we are please with the work you do.
March 9, 2017
Lawrence, KS
We currently use Merry Maids at our business. They are very professional and do an amazing job.
March 8, 2017
Lawrence, KS
The ease of having the team come in and go, without worrying about security/privacy, because we trust them, because of the background verification checks that are already in place.
February 2, 2017
Lawrence, KS
All the team was professional, detail oriented and did an outstanding job.
December 22, 2016
Lawrence, KS
The service is timely--they let you know when they are coming. The service is fast--usually two people are working so they get the job done quickly. The service is friendly--the people are friendly, courteous, and efficient! The products are not harsh and are pleasant smelling. When the Merry Maids are done our house is wonderful!
December 16, 2016
Lawrence, KS
We trust them all and get wonderful results. Hire them if you can!
December 3, 2016
Lawrence, KS
Consistently do a great job.
November 10, 2016
Lawrence, KS
My home looks awesome! The white wood trim is white again. The master bathroom sparkles! Thank you!!!
November 8, 2016
Lawrence, KS
I can come up with nothing better. And service is always with a smile. - [NAME REMOVED]
November 8, 2016
Lawrence, KS
Excellent cleaning, professional service and very reliable
November 1, 2016
Lawrence, KS
Always smells clean and is clean. LOVE when Stacy cleans the house. She does a fantastic job and goes over and above expectations. Always puts a smile on my face.
November 1, 2016
Eudora, KS
I like the hour window notification the day before. They are consistent with cleaning, I know what to expect. They do deeper cleaning on a couple areas each visit and leave a thorough note describing what extra was done and what extra will be done next visit.
October 7, 2016
Lawrence, KS
Promptness, thoroughness. House looked wonderful! Never saw my tub so shiny!
August 6, 2016
Lawrence, KS
They were like cleaning ninjas! They got more cleaned in two hours than I could have done in two weeks! And they did a great job so they didn't sacrifice quality for speed. Very impressed!
August 4, 2016
Lawrence, KS
The staff and the products were all top notch. Staff knew their jobs and went to work immediately.
July 21, 2016
Lawrence, KS
They do a wonderful job. They respond to special requests, and they pay attention to detail.
July 4, 2016
Lawrence, KS
I enjoy the ladies that do the work in our home, they do excellent work. I do not like emails sent to my home. You need to find a different advertising program.
June 21, 2016
Lawrence, KS
the work is done efficiently and the friendliness is very welcome