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401 16th Ave NW Sutie 101
Rochester, MN 55901
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Recent Reviews:

October 17, 2016
Rochester, MN
Kayla cleaned my home last Friday morning and did an excellent job. She was polite, professional and thorough.
October 12, 2016
Elgin, MN
Merry Maids does a fine job of cleaning, are always courteous, and let us know (reminder call) when they are coming.
October 9, 2016
Rochester, MN
Done above my exceptions thanks to your team of Brittanie and Nicole
October 6, 2016
Rochester, MN
September 29, 2016
Austin, MN
the employees are very friendly and punctual and do an excellent job at all times.
September 28, 2016
Rochester, MN
I appreciate the dependability of Merry Maids. I also like the notes left, indicating the areas of emphasis for the day. I don't know what products you use?
September 25, 2016
Rochester, MN
We have been pleased with the service.
September 22, 2016
Womens Shelter
Rochester, MN
Jennifer does a great job and is open to new things when they come up.
September 22, 2016
Racine, MN
Show up on scheduled days, friendly cleaning staff, willing to take suggestions
September 22, 2016
Rochester, MN
The girls did an amazing job at cleaning the toilets...they were full of lime. Would love to have the "cleaning tool" they used :) The only thing that we would have recommended is cleaning around the sink and urinal and removing the lime that was built up there. This was our first time using Merry Maids (just for a one time move cleaning at this point).
September 22, 2016
Teresa Anderson
Rochester, MN
Jennifer is always very pleasant and considerate, and is very thorough in her cleaning. Someone like her is very difficult to find. It's more about Jennifer and how well she does her job!
September 1, 2016
Rochester, MN
Seemed to be very efficient
September 1, 2016
Rochester, MN
August 29, 2016
Rochester, MN
I have recommended your service to many others
August 19, 2016
Amy Baringer
Rochester, MN
I work from home and the people that come to clean always work around when I can be away from my office. They use cleaners that smell wonderful and the house always looks great.
August 19, 2016
Eyota, MN
I like the consistent cleanliness of our home. Jennifer does a great job. Our home isn't the easiest, I'm sure given our 3 dog friends and the two of us!!
August 16, 2016
Rochester, MN
How thorough and careful Jennifer was while working with efficiency. Her professionalism.
August 15, 2016
Rochester, MN
Thorough job.
August 12, 2016
Rochester, MN
efficient and complete
August 9, 2016
Oronoco, MN
It is great to come home to a clean house! Our cleaning lady works very hard to make our home sparkling. Thanks!