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Springfield, VA 22150
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July 20, 2018
Springfield, VA
Excellent response and did a wonderful job. Highly recommend!!!
July 16, 2018
Kathleen Glufling
Burke, VA
When I came home after the team had been to my home for the first time, and did the deep clean, I am not over exaggerating when I say that I was ecstatic. The house was so clean and smelled so fresh. My mother, who watches my two young children while I am work was home for part of the cleaning, she said that the ladies could not have been more polite and courteous in working with her to ensure that the kids could get their naps in when they needed to without disrupting the process of cleaning or the schedule for the kids that day. I work 45-50 hours a week outside the home and with two boys under 3 (and a messy husband) I was going nuts trying to figure out how to keep my house clean, the way I want it clean. This has been the perfect solution. My family had talked about a cleaning service in the past but I was not sure we could afford it. This has been the best money I have spent in quite some time. From the moment I contacted Merry Maids to begin my inquiry, estimate and scheduling I have been met with promptness, professionalism and some of the best customer service ever. You don't experience many companies with this level of customer service and with an eye to detail and personal attention these days. I have already recommended them to two coworkers, three friends, my brother and his wife, and told my parents that if they ever needed to switch cleaning services this is who they need to call. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Merry Maids.
July 12, 2018
Springfield, VA
the professionalism with which the ladies work, and the way I am treated by office staff. My house is always left smelling and looking clean, I use my own cleaning products. the ladies who come to the house are respectful of me and my property.
July 12, 2018
Springfield, VA
Merry Maids shows up on time and does beautiful work. Everything sparkles clean.
July 9, 2018
Burke, VA
On time and they did a thorough cleaning job.
July 5, 2018
Michael Salatich
Lorton, VA
Merry Maids is impressive, everyone is great to work with and everything is done perfectly. It's almost like having friends or family cleaning your house. The two ladies that clean my house are friendly, careful and precise. Sincerely, Michael Salatich
June 27, 2018
Springfield, VA
The lady that does my cleaning is very thorough, professional and is very pleasant. If I am out of the house I never worry about how things will be done.
June 22, 2018
Burke, VA
Reliable and thorough.
June 21, 2018
Springfield, VA
Lauren does a great job!
June 18, 2018
Martie Wilson
Burke, VA
Very thorough cleaning, very clean smell, easy to schedule cleanings so that they fit our schedule, very personable staff and cleaners. Highly recommend.
June 16, 2018
Jude Boulware
Burke, VA
I like everything about Merry Maids. Love the girls and products! Love that my house looks and smells awesome when they finish.
June 14, 2018
Springfield, VA
Great work, done quickly and couterously. Very readonable prices.
June 13, 2018
Ed Schoenberg
Burke, VA
The ladies work very hard. The house smells wonderful.
June 9, 2018
Kenneth Eisenhardt
Springfield, VA
You folks have been taking great care of me for eight years. I really appreciate the exceptional service you provide. Thanks.
May 24, 2018
Springfield, VA
The ladies did a great job - thank you!
May 15, 2018
Sarah Allen
Springfield, VA
Merry Maids are the BEST! They do such a thorough job cleaning my home. They leave my house fresh smelling and pristine.
May 11, 2018
Mark Burrows
Springfield, VA
Consistent. Sometimes something is cleaned that I don’t expect. Weird but I like the vacuum lines on the carpet.
May 4, 2018
Springfield, VA
Merry Maids does an exceptional job in cleaning my apartment. I also feel very comfortable in trusting the employees while I'm not on the premises.
May 4, 2018
Springfield, VA
You do a very good job of cleaning and do not disturb anything at all.
April 30, 2018
Burke, VA
Consistent excellent quality and the office staff are extremely professional and kind. Merry Maids are easy to do business with!