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220 South Spruce Avenue, Suite 103
South San Francisco, CA 94080
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Recent Reviews:

May 22, 2017
William (Sb) 12 2pm Downes
San Bruno, CA
Very thorough. They ask what can they do for better future service.
May 13, 2017
Alex (Sf) Stewart
San Francisco, CA
We set Molly Maids loose in our apartment and afterwards it was hella clean! They cleaned things I didn't even know needed to be cleaned! Would definitely have them back. Great job.
May 5, 2017
It's good service
April 28, 2017
Richard(Sf)8:30 9:30a Pryor
San Francisco, CA
On time and careful.
April 21, 2017
South San Francisco, CA
April 14, 2017
San Bruno, CA
Consistent. If I want special attention to be paid to an area of my home, I only have to leave a note, and the maids address.
April 12, 2017
San Francisco, CA
We appreciate the reminder phone calls the day before the service appointment (at our uncle's home).
April 12, 2017
Burlingame, CA
just happiness with the ladies and english and spanish thanks is spoken also friendly ladies
April 4, 2017
San Bruno, CA
Do a great job cleaning and nice staff
March 25, 2017
Millbrae, CA
Quick,Pleasant, and professional
March 4, 2017
Bryce(Mill) Flex B 4 5pm Majors
Millbrae, CA
I love coming home to vacuum marks in the carpet! I love how easy you guys make your services. I come home every Thursday and everything is spotless, no effort from me :) Sometimes I leave home late and I run into your cleaning team and they are very kind, I love their attitude and friendliness.
January 17, 2017
Rosemary (Sf) 8:30 9:30am Robinson
San Francisco, CA
I am very happy with your reliability and attention to and care for my home.
January 16, 2017
Millbrae, CA
Diligence in cleaning.
December 9, 2016
San Francisco, CA
The team assigned is reliable, friendly and excellent workers.
December 9, 2016
San Francisco, CA
the team and their service...
December 5, 2016
Burlingame, CA
Thorough and professional
October 29, 2016
Burlingame, CA
Quick reply to initial inquiry. Had their own supplies and did great job despite working water in the house.
October 15, 2016
San Bruno, CA
October 8, 2016
San Francisco, CA
Always same team that you can trust and knows your home / special wishes
September 24, 2016
South San Francisco, CA
We love your service. Your staff is great.