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Downtown Abu Dhabi Branch Delma and Muroor Street
Abu Dhabi, UAE 38404
02 444 35 60
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Abu dhabi, AZ
Amazing staff

Abu Dhabi, AZ
You have activities for babies and toddler, I was trying hard to find more activities for my little daughter but unfortunately most of the sport are for kids from 4 years old onwards and the fact to have everything in the same place is so great. Please open a branch in Dubai!!!

Abu Dhabi, AZ
We are very happy with the caring instructors who put time into getting to know our daughters.

Abu Dhabi, AZ
It's a good place for kids to learn and socialize.

abu dhabi, AZ
Its the best

Abu Dhabi, AZ

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Attentive and professional staff.

Abu Dhabi, AZ
My boys wanted to stay more than 2 hours, even though they were exhausted from dancing and moving

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Kids want to come back again, to me this means the place is amazing

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Staff are understanding and patient, they are experts and professionals, but also friendly and funny.

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Big place, kids feel safe, a good space for mothers too

Corniche, Abu Dhabi, AZ
Our son really love the classes. They are age appropriate.

Abudhabi, AZ
Child friendly

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Perfect after school activities! Highly recommended

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Very professional

Abu Dhabi, AZ
Friendly staff

Abu Dhabi, AZ
I always reccomend MFG! Wish we were able to attend more classes, but the timings haven't worked for our schedule since my son started nursery. We miss MFG!

Abu Dhabi, AZ
I love the staff at the downtown branch. Keep it up!

Abu dhabi
The staff are amazing the parties are extremely fun kids have a blast every time ... amazing entertainment best place ever thank you once again mfg team you always make our birthday parties a great n memorable experience

Ambience of the gym and the activities for kids