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March 20, 2017
Christian Avila
Bethel Park, PA
Amy Pritchard was fantastic part of my team during the home search and purchase venture. From the get-go, she accommodated me with a Sunday evening meet just to start discussions. She also recommended a fantastic mortgage broker and offered to extend an invitation to a meeting if I so desired. I walked into a room that felt like a meeting with a friend instead of a business interaction. The three of us conversed for about 2 hours just to discuss my intent and ensure that what I was looking for was the primary focus of effort. Amy followed through the entire way and setup visitations to the properties that best matched our conversation. I was under a timeline to find and secure a place, but I never felt like I was making a bad decision just to make a quick decision. I found the property that best fit my need fairly quickly and Amy ensured that we could move on that property for the best deal possible. I was astonished at the deal I was able to secure and the process was as seamless as I could have ever dreamed of. I recommend Amy Pritchard to anyone who is looking for a business powerhouse manifested as a friend who just wants to do there part to help you achieve your goal. She works alongside you and you never feel like you are simply another "buyer". This was very important because the stress that inherently is associated with buying a new home is enough, so having a partner to balance that out with sincerity and optimism was fantastic.
December 2, 2016
Elizabeth, PA
Amy was a great help to us. She went above and beyond to find us the perfect house. She is very knowledgeable and helped us dodge a couple bullets! I have already recommended her to quite a few others. Amy is definitely an asset to your company.
July 29, 2016
Scott Labyoda
Pittsburgh, PA
Amy was great! Very knowledgeable, helpful, patient, not afraid to talk on our behalf to anyone and she gets results.
June 14, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
Amy's work was outstanding.
June 2, 2016
Adam Centinaro
Canonsburg, PA
The very friendly manner in which all of our questions and concerns were handled. The dedicated agent who diligently searched for just the right property for us to call home and her ability to explain the home buying process in a manner that enabled clear sound decision making .
May 23, 2016
Herbert Lippincott
Clairton, PA
Amy Pritchard went above and beyond what any agent would have done to change our lives. To be able to dream of someday buying your dream home and then not being sure it would happen is very stressful. Amy did everything she could to lessen the stress level and to assure me and my wife that everything was ok. Amy did a fantastic job and should be commended on her performance. From Me and my family, I would like the thank Amy from the bottom of my heart for her hard work.