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490 North Kerrwood Drive
Hermitage, PA 16148
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Recent Reviews:

March 17, 2017
Hermitage, PA
Myrna was very helpful and knowledgeable
November 29, 2016
Sharon, PA
MYRNA may be the most patient person I've ever met. She will email new listings, show me listing after listing. Always responds to calls or emails.
October 19, 2016
Sharpsville, PA
Myrna was on top of everything the whole way and made the transaction easy and smooth. She did a great job of finding me a property that for my needs!
April 25, 2016
Greenville, PA
Myrna worked so hard to make the complexities of buying a home understandable and a logical progression to closing. She set up two schedules, one for her and one for me, and went over both of them with me so I knew what should be happening within reasonable time sequences. She sheparded me through the entire period from first sight of the home to getting the keys. Since much of my family was also engaged in my home search, Myrna has become our "family realitor".
April 7, 2016
Lincoln Hill Farms
Hermitage, PA
Myrna: She was a true professional......the "closing" due to the VA had to be rescheduled SEVERAL times......Ms. Fisher did all she could to stay on top of the matter and kept "US" the buyer informed and at ease......we could have walked away......Myrna needs to be recognized for the OUTSTANDING work she performed and displayed as the true Northwoods Realty Service Professional that you can be VERY PROUD of.....Myrna returned calls and emails in a timely manner.....she was extremely willing to do all that was in he control....We owe her a lot more than the commission she truly EARNED!!! I would nominate her sales person of the month, if you have such an honor.....if not maybe this is the chance to establish such a program......In ending WAY TO GO GIRL......I WILL TELL ALL I KNOW TO CONTACT YOUR OFFICE TO ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS FINE LADY!!! Thank you for asking for our input........ Sincerely, Mark and Jan Ferrara