Nurse Next Door of WhiteRock/S Surrey

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300-1788 W 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 1P2
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They all do their best to help you in any way they can. Willing to accommodate with schedules and looking for things they can do for you.

Any service industry is dependent upon the the quality of the actual service providers. I have had a number of care aides over the past year and there were a few that did not leave me feeling that my money was well spent. I felt that more time/effort needed to be spent to ensure they all understood the expectations of NND. Having said that, I now feel that NND/White Rock is certainly headed in the right direction .. I am impressed with the direction, communication and follow through the new owners are providing. Any change at any level takes time ..

Good explanation about services by Coordinator, when change in schedule occurred everyone was very good to accommodate the new schedule. All Caregivers were very good. Helped with my exercises and did little things without being asked

just liked the program

I sometimes feel frustrated with the system, Overall , happy with my mothers' care.

Service &kindness.

always on time and very pleasant

Very attentive to my needs!

You were there when needed, thanks.

South Surrey, BC
We had an agreement that we should get the same nurse every time.Without prior information we got in a short time four different nurses.I think you need better communication. Huub Romer

We have had some great experiences with great caregivers. Consistency in care is very important to clients. NND does its best to keep consistency in care. Scheduling communication when changes have to be made need some tweeking. Payment and invoices issues occurred on and off but haven't caused too much of a problem. All in all a great service

Super knowledgeable staff and nurses, particularly Sue who put me at ease immediately.

When you really need help, everything happened at lightning speed.

Surrey, BC
Prompt lady, informative and helpful.

v4a8c3, BC
The nurses have been providing me with good service and meeting my requests I am very satisfied withe the help and friendly manner I would recommend Nurse next door to anyone

Friendly staff and flexible. Understanding of elderly parents who are struggling but don't want to admit it.

The abilities of the caregivers varies a great deal and it takes a long time to find the appropriate person that matches the needs of the client. Victoria is the most recent caregiver for my Mother and she is a perfect match. Unfortunately, now my Mother is in the hospital and needs to go into a full care home. However, I will hire Victoria to assist with the transition.

Sue is very caring to us and very responsive.

All staff met our standards of professional service.

South Surrey, BC
The girls were always very nice and helpful. They were very reliable aand arrived as promised. They were very good at leaving things tidy and clean. They were willing to do small tasks for you as requested. In summary, they always gave me the help that I needed which was the reason I requested their service.