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Block G, Smithfield Market, Smithfield
Dublin, Dublin Dublin 7
(01) 4850 700/01
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Dublin 7
Continuing to stay open is the best thing you can do

Dublin 7
I took Aqua with Dave this morning. He is a wonderful teacher, he pushes us hard but he instills humour and craic which somehow drives us all to work harder. Well done Dave

The classes are great but it will be great to have new classes like trampoline fitness classes outside the pool area. Great classes with Dave, Barbara and all of the trainers. Thanks. Regards, [FIRST NAME REMOVED].

Dublin 8
If you have a chance to make a sign on top of the swim equipment box side of the pool: “Please don’t take swim equipment with you in the sauna. Kind regards 1 Escape team “ That could be awesome. PS. New treadmills with those videos just a must love. [FIRST NAME REMOVED]

I think everything works very well

Continue to provide the same clean friendly services. Control the number of club users to avoid it becoming too crowded.

From my experience so far I think you are doing a great job keeping us safe.

Dublin 7
Friendly staff, new, just arrived treadmill machines, clean, hot sauna which I adore.

Male showers not working properly over the last few weeks. Would like to see a few more classes for the Aquaspin

For now it is not too crowded, which is great, it should be similar to this for a while more until it ease a bit

Smithfield, Dublin 7
The app is out of date and could be easier to use if it was updated.

Smithfield, Dublin
Open all the gym including swimming pool etc

Wet towels to clean lockers before/after use.

Would be goot to have the jacuzzi reinstalled so it can open when the restrictions allow

More 30minute classes between 1 and 2 as the longer classes don’t really work on a lunch break

Dublin 8, Dublin
If the gym opened up say 30 minutes earlier each morning I'd be able to go before going to work. At times there are far too many people in the pool and often there are less comfortable swimmers in the fast lane which can be a challenge. Introduce yogalates classes in the evening time. Talks about nutrition could very beneficial.

Dublin 7
It would be nice to have some early morning yoga classes (7-7.30) and evening Zumba at 6.45pm. Yoga should ideally take place when there aren't noisy classes taking place next door as it makes it difficult to relax and meditate. More evening body combat would be great too (6.45 or 7pm).

Cabra, Dublin7
Since reaopening, its seems more people join the gym which is great news. But I would say to increase frequency of certain classes so more people has chances to attend. We checked a class 2 daya before and it was fully booked. Maybe popular classes should be more frequent during the day or week