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3130 Rt. 10 West
Denville, NJ 07834
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Kinnelon, NJ
I love being pushed, and I love Miriam's positivity! And Lynsey & John at the front desk, are so welcoming- just an easy place to walk into, no matter what your level.

It’s efficient and effective

OT is amazing ! All the trainers are always positive, supportive and trying to get/have you show the best of you. You go in and you leave 100% knowing that you got the workout of a life time. Their equipment is taken care of, always asked to wipe down; which is extremely important. Best of it all, when you see those pounds dropping, you wanna go even harder. DO IT, YOU WONT REGRET IT.

Kinnelon, NJ
I love that I can work at my own pace, but that I'm still being pushed for my personal best. And I loved everyone's enthusiasm on my first day, pushing me in the best possible way.

Love how they are always challenging and changing. Love how they push you to get stronger and they are a good all around workout.

The upbeat environment and how hard the coaches push me to do my best in each exercise. It’s such a challenging workout but I feel so accomplished at the end of each one!

The instructor is super-dedicated to everyone - gave great coaching/prompts and was very informative. Afterwards she shared a bit of her story with was very motivating.

Trainers & music


Haven’t attended any classes @ this location as of yet only became a member . Stuff was very friendly.

I come away every time thinking about how "challenging but do-able" the whole workout is. I constantly find new ways to push myself farther than I've gone before. I can never "psych" myself out or get in my own way, because every day, the workout is different! I definitely feel stronger and stronger all the time.

It is motivational and intense and challenging.

Really engaging! I am used to strength-based workouts with more rest between sets, and this was a much-needed change of pace. It helps me incorporate more cardio into my exercise routine.

Professionalism & quality of equipment as well as clean environment, Knowledgeable employees and motivating workouts

Scheduled accountability I don’t have to think about what exercises to do Great coaches and desk staff!

Incredible work out. It is extremely challenging for someone just starting to workout again, but it leaves you with such a sense of accomplishment afterwards, even with all the pain... it's a great feeling.

I like the variety and how challenging it is

Denville, NJ
OTF Denville is one of my favorite places to be. Before joining OTF, I never took a group fitness class because I was self-conscious about my ability to “keep up”. I love that OTF allows you to be the best version of yourself and also offers friendly competition with other members. My husband and I are both members of OTF and love to push each other in our fitness goals with our OTF banter at home! Whether it’s a 60, 3G or 90 minute, Class is a chance to do something for myself, to de-stress, to build confidence and to spend time with some of the incredible OTF friends I have made. I love that every workout is different and that the Coaches offer corrections to improve form, as well as encouragement to meet personal goals. Coach Dom pushes me to be better, faster and stronger than I ever believed I could be. I feel proud to push my limits and meet goals I never thought were attainable. Making the leaderboard twice on the treadmill has given me immense confidence as I see my hard work pay off. I love that the workouts allow me to set new goals in each and every class; whether it’s a faster speed on the tread, a higher stroke rate on the rower, or pushing a heavier weight on the floor. I feel happy, healthy, and totally in love with my current fitness level thanks to the amazing coaches and staff at OTF Denville.

coach led workouts different workouts every day I can see the results and have never been able to from other workouts

Coach Dom. I can honestly say were it not for him, I would have given up long ago.